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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Does Freehold Royalties Ltd. (FRU) deserve to be part of my investment portfolio?

While being on vacation, I manage to sell a few things that I was no longer using, and that being an old LG smartphone, a mini laptop that was running on Windows 7 and on which I was no longer able to surf the Web, a very big fan that I barely ever us and that I couldn't clean the blades. All for a total of $130. Nothing much, but it makes money for my coffees and liberates some space. I actually sold my fan this morning. The guy was supposed to come at 10:30 this morning, but he actually came at 9... But it was ok, I just made him wait a few minutes outside while getting ready. I am just in need of more sleep, but I will take a nap later on.

In my opinion, the best place to sell stuff you no longer use is on Facebook's Marketplace. I still have a few items on there that I am looking to sell, like purses, running shoes, and a pair of sandals. But those items are not selling quickly. If I cannot sell them by the end of this summer, I will just donate them.

It was raining yesterday, but I have a nice time anyway. I went to a free event at the Jazz Festival in a theatre. Following what, it started raining, so I went straight to the movies and I arrived right on time for Tom Cruise's Top Gun Maverick. It was very entertaining. I wanted to see it before going to New Brunswick. Actually, I am going through all the fun stuff I possibly can before going back. These days, the weather is so-so in New Brunswick. At least, no one is suffering from extremely hot weather. Personally, I like the weather we are having right now in Montreal. The sun is out, but the air is fresh. Fact is, I don't really want to leave Montreal for New Brunswick.  

On Monday, I went to the MTelus until 3 am. There was a very good band playing, Liquor Store. They began playing at midnight. It's free to enter the MTelus at midnight during the Jazz Festival, but you got to wait outside and online before getting in. Liquor Store was worth the waiting time. On my way out, I saw a policeman, a woman, who was looking for something on the sidewalk and I just couldn't understand what she was doing. I was slightly drunk. I asked if I could walk there, and she said I could but that it would be better if I go on the other side. 

When I cross the street, she continued her search, I think it was for bullets gun. A man well dressed was helping her, he seems to be the bouncer of the strip club, corner St-Catherine, and St-Laurent. They finally find what they were looking for. On the other side of the street where I was looking, there were two men who were acting stupid to a policeman, and he told them to stop or he was going to arrest them. I had my little adventure of my own that night. I never had any problems in Montreal, but like in any city, you need to be careful. The day after, I was tired all day, and since it was raining and a bit cold, I went home around midnight. And this morning, I wasn't very lucky with my buyer who decided to come at 9 am instead of 10:30 lol. I was however very happy to sell my item and get it out of the way.

Currently, my overall stocks portfolio is going under a -$2,000 correction. It's not fun to watch, but I won't be in front of my laptop for much longer. These days, this is how I basically spent my days: I wake up late, I usually stop by the coffee shop for an expresso, I go swimming, go back home, usually take a nap, and following what I get up and get ready for the Jazz Festival. It's a fun way to spend my days while I am on vacation.

Yesterday, Jean-François Tardif was from BNN. You can listen to him here. He had suggested FRU and CEU as invested. Both are well ranked in Stockopedia, but I don't like their respective overall chart. Maybe I could invest a few dollars in FRU, I don't know. I still have a few bucks available in my TFSA and RRSP portfolios to invest. Currently, JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is at -0.505%, trading at $21.68. I hold to some JFS.UN units in both my non-registered and RRSP portfolios. One thing I like about JFS.UN is its stability. No matter how strong his performance is, JFS.UN doesn't pay a regular dividend distribution to its investors. It would be quite a bold move to sell my JFS.UN units and reinvest the money in a dividend aristocrat stock, but inside this chaos, it's nice to have an investment like JFS.UN who's relatively stable. Also, I think I will try to put some money aside as savings since I am expecting two major paychecks in July. It's actually hard to do when stocks are trading so low. 

Does Freehold Royalties Ltd. (FRU) deserve to be part of my investment portfolio? For now, I don't know. 


pattirose said...

I missed that one (Tardif) thanks!

pattirose said...

I think I'll buy some FRU also!

Sunny said...

Me too.

Did you notice, I think Tardif got a haircut :-)


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