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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Happy Fed Day, investors! Hello $$$!

Well, it seems like both Canadian and US markets kind of love the hike in the interest rate made by the Fed. If you ask me, I think the Fed will have to hike the interest rate again later on for the third time. It seems like inflation is very hard to push down. Today, my investment portfolio gained over $3,000 today. While enjoying some interesting gains, I really have a taught for those who are struggling financially and who are facing a rough time paying their bills, mortgage, or rent. I never really face financial difficulties in my life, but when I was a young girl in the late nineties-2000s, I didn't have much money, and sincerely I didn't care. It didn't really matter to me. I didn't care because I didn't actually suffer from not having much money at my disposal. But these days, it seems like if you don't have much money, you really feel it. That's probably the major difference between now and "the good old days"...

By the way, I am turning 42 on August 27 :-) !!!! Can you believe that in 8 years I will be turning 50??!! (I know).

I am getting ready to leave Montreal for New Brunswick this weekend. I can afford and I can work from there, as long as Rogers gets their shit together. I haven't gone there yet during the summer and if I don't go now, I won't be able to enjoy the good weather. According to my mom, we still have a good 2 weeks ahead when we can still go swimming outside. I have to say I wouldn't really mind not doing it because here in Montreal, I live close by a gym where there's a rooftop swimming pool, so I can easily go for a swim right after being done with work. It's quite enjoyable. In New Brunswick, I don't have such a place. I will be able to go swimming only during the weekends. But that's ok. At home, my old folks cook for me, and I can enjoy the patio with this view so it's not too bad.

We also have an eagle who has established himself in that area and it's pretty cool to see him fly in the sky. Let's say I am enjoying my privileges while I still can. I may not always have a place to go easily in New Brunswick unless I buy a house or something later on.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $144,572.03, my US portfolio at $4,830.05, my RRSP portfolio - stocks-only - at $64,838.87, and my TFSA portfolio at $120,578,03. I estimate my net worth to be somewhere in the $334,000. This Friday, I am waiting for my paycheck and I will have a lot of $$$ at my disposal. I decided to be reasonable and to put a part of it into savings. Hunting season is coming in a hurry and while going hunting, it can cost something like $30/$40 per day in gas or something like it. So I prefer to plan ahead - for once. In case you didn't know, while going hunting, you spend quite some time riding in a car - at least that's like that in New Brunswick. The woods just have no ends in my home province.

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