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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Thank you for the good day, TSX!

I was just so in need of this right now!

Its been quite a very good day for the TSX, which closed today's session on a good 18,937.71 points. This happens while the UK and Europe are burning under a heavy hot wave. Today, I didn't suffer much from the heat, but tomorrow could be a bit more difficult. My non-registered portfolio closed today session on a great $141,504.47, my US portfolio at $4,791.42, my RRSP portfolio at $64,140.29 and my TFSA portfolio at $118,706.66. I received a bunch of little dividend payments, so I have now again a bit of money to invest again.

A few days ago, I place a very small investment in BCE Inc. (BCE) inside my TFSA portfolio and in Telus Corp (T) inside my RRSP portfolio. I like to reinvest the money I earn from my dividend, whenever it's at my disposal. The 0$ commission fee with National Bank Direct Brokerage is helping me on that matter.

I didn't post anything in a little while, but here's a little paragraph that I wrote a few days back:

The TSX is so unstable that I think I might simply transfer the $2,000 that I am expecting by the end of the month over my margin amount. The TSX is currently still in the 18,000 points, but it may even go lower when the "recession" status is confirmed and announced. Or it may not move too much, since we are expecting it. There's just no way to predict which direction the TSX will take next. On the date of yesterday, I still have over $45,000 available as "buying power" on my margin account. I am in a good shape, but watch the TSX ups and downs on a daily basis. With the interest rate rising, the interest owned on my margin account is also raising. Currently, according to National Bank Direct Brokerage to interest own on my margin, with a debt of a bit over $46,000 is 5%. I declared the interest rate own on my margin as "financial fees" each year on my tax declaration. 

And with today's good results for the TSX, I just want to invest it all :))))) Let's go.

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