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Sunday, July 10, 2022

I am no longer a Dividend Girl, I am a Dividend QUEEN

The problems experimented with Rogers' services affected my family in New Brunswick this past Friday. This Saturday, I was able to reach them, but the main line cut off on and on. However, I was able to exchange a few words. My father has a cell phone, but it wasn't working too well. I am very surprised by this because we always had very good services with Rogers in New Brunswick. I had worked from home in New Brunswick all winter long without any problems. With the incidents that happen in the past few days, I think Rogers will get their shit together and make sure it won't happen ever again. The worst problem concerns the 911 line, impossible to call 911 if needed. 

During that time, my non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $140,667.07, my US portfolio at $4,808.59, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $64,041.63, and my TFSA portfolio at $118,207.55. My overall annual dividend income is now exceeding the $11,500. I am jumping for my regular "Dividend Girl" status to a glamourous Dividend Queen title, nothing else.

It's been announced that compensation will automatically be given to the affected Rogers clientele, no need to call them in order to request a credit. So if any of your old folks are with Rogers, better call them to let them know because some spammers may try to use this incident to request personal info. It's better to make a reminder to the old folks that just like usual, don't give any personal info over the phone for any incoming calls. Spammers will have to hit somewhere else than my old folks in New Brunswick, trust me on that one. I tell them frequently as a reminder. When I was still in New Brunswick just a few months ago, we were receiving some calls about Amazon orders that - of course - we had never placed. I find that one to be quite bad as a spammer call idea because these days, everyone buys stuff on Amazon.

I was supposed to go to New Brunswick this week, but the weather announced is really not good and I decided I could go later on this summer. Here in Montreal, the weather will be better and since I only had two weeks off this summer, I want to make the most of it. Also, I wasn't very thrilled about hitting back while Rogers is still experiencing problems back home. I call today, and the line was cracking up a little. I left a message on the voicemail, but they didn't call back.

Earlier today, I had a strange incident, I went for a walk in the evening and I just fall down while walking on the sidewalk, exactly like a frog. Montreal sidewalks are not the greatest, and I put one of my feet on an unregular spot, and BANG, I fell down on the ground. My hands absorb the hit, but luckily I didn't hurt my hands. I didn't hurt myself badly overall, I have a starch down my right knew, but not on the knew itself which will heal easier on that spot. It became red but didn't bleed. I got some alcohol to clean it out and that's it. I also bought my favorite candies for moral support. What the hell Montreal. Maybe this is a sign that I should actually go back to New Brunswick, like right now. For the present time, I will just wear sneakers for walking around, maybe my feet were not stable enough in sandals, and the Montreal sidewalks are not helping out, but there are places like parks where I can walk more safely... I haven't felt pain like that in the longest time. The feeling of the alcohol touching the scratch burns me. 

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