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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Its always the same old stories around here

My non-registered portfolio is now under the 118k mark. At a bit more than 117k, the value is still great, but 118k would had been better. I had a limited access to Internet while being at home in New Brunswick, so I had been able to watch over my stocks. Luckily, the value of my portfolio had stayed stabilize. I normally checked on my portfolio everyday, most of the days.

I just came back from vacation, but I felt tired today and I would had stayed in bed all day. I didn't even take a shower before going to work. I was too tired to feel disgusted about it. I just spray on dry shampoo and perfume and I tied up the curls in a pony tail and I finally took a taxi to go to work. I never missed one single day of work of my entire life. I want it to remain that day. I need cash and right now, I need cash more than ever. And hourra, if I am not mistaking, I am supposed to received a pay tomorrow.

For the past couple months, I had said multiple times that I would get a part-time job, but I never did. I however try to expand my freelance activities, but I didn't get new contracts and for the past couple months, nothing had moved on that side. It is true that I didn't try very hard. I am just very curious to see what a few other tried may bring in. I was more successful as a freelancer when I was living in Ottawa. That was a few years ago, even before I started this blog. Back then, I wasn't the Dividend Girl. This make me think on how old I am. Be ready because I am turning 33 on August 27. Understand? Need to be ready for the pow-wow. I did not forget about the 600 000 view celebrations I was supposed to do a little way back. If you don't mind, we are going to celebrate it all together: me the chika turning 33 AND me celebrating the 600 000+++ views of

That domain address is totally out of control and is just soooooooooo cute. Don't you think so?

I spend a few hundreds on my vacation - without regret, but my debt is slowly adding up. I have debt, but I also my limit. For once, - it actually happen a few times occasionally when I really have nothing on my stock WANTED list. I have a few thousands I want to clear off. My 1k+ of tomorrow will go over the credit line that I used to pay off my taxes and from where I also withdraw fresh cold cash for my vacations.

This post is going to end here.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back from New Brunswick

Too bad, but my vacations are now over. I arrived today at 2 am. I didn't have too much problems on the bus because when I took the ride, I wasn't tired. So in result, I think for the first time ever, I went on the bus clean, drug free, under the toxic influence of nothing at all. I didn't take my usual Gravol pills or anything else to survive the trip.

I had a great time at home despite the mix of thunder, rain, and rain again; clouds and occasionally, one or two sunshine that never last very long. But I had been able to swim outside one little time, at least. It took me about 30 minutes to get in the lake but at least, I make it happen - one little single time. I swim in inside pool here in Montreal really often, but there's nothing better than a natural lake and, even better, the sea. The evenings were very cold in New Brunswick. The nights and early mornings were cold too, unfortunately.

Once back in Montreal I was all good and I waked up to the construction noises made in the building facing my apartment. There're some renovations going on and its been going on since this Spring. And it doesn't seen to be over yet. I did pretty much everything I had planned. The usual boring stuff, laundry and grocery shopping.

Its quite revealing that I had to immigrate in Quebec province, stealing jobs away from Quebeckers themselves, stealing their best looking men from the poor little Quebec female. Poor poor poor Quebec ladies. Its a shame but its like that for now. And I wonder what will happen tomorrow at work because I already have a bad surprise today so I just hope I won't get another one today. When I picked my mail today, I saw a letter from the janitor. Starting September, my monthly rent will be of $620 instead of $610. I had to take a $10 increase on my monthly rent. My Solidarity Tax Credit is of a bit more than $10 per month, so the increase will be cover that way. I am too lazy to search for a new place to live. And while being in Quebec, I don't live, I am just there, waiting for the money to jack in and accumulate and accumulate. Here in Quebec, I don't live, I am a ghost.

The ghost is now going to sleep.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My debt payment new goal

I am enjoying my vacations. We have a bit of rain, but its been worst in the South West of the province. While having a good time, my non-registered portfolio is performing well, $118 466.99. I have left $12 294.14. Now the once cent is gone, I wonder how I can get that .99. It seem like the one cent still exist on the Canadian stock market, but is gone from the real world.

For August, my BMO credit card is at $708, and my dividend income for July had been of $660.75. I only have a left over of $47.25. And I really need that left over! I also win $50 at my local Casino... I guess I had been lucky, but I was looking for much much more.

For my vacations, I withdraw $500 from a line of credit. I also had used the same line of credit to pay my taxes. So I am now at $2 951.20 on that same line of credit. Also, my margin is at $53 873.42; I would like to pay off $3 873.42 on it. that way, I would be at 50k.

Remember that American Express gave me a 0% interest for 6 months a little way back? Well, the amount deposit was $2 312.54. The monthly payment is $70. I am not looking to pay off that debt for now.

Debt repayment plan for the debt I want to pay off:

1- $2 951.20 of my credit line
2- $3 873.42 from my margin

Total: $6 824.62 + $700 extra balance on my credit card (total balance being $1 400).

My monthly need is of $1 194. For this, I need to live on a $70 per week.

My monthly income from work is about $2 240 after deductions
My dividend income is about $550 per month
My total monthly income is: $2 790

$2 790 - $1 194 = $1 596

$7 524.62 \ $1 596 = less than 5 months

If I get my hand on an extra 1k per month, the debt would be paid off in less than 3 months.

Isn't weird to have a look at my debt while being on vacation? Its a must do once in a while and I had reached the point where I need to pay off some debt - but only if I don't change my mind. I am a money moron, for reallll.

I hope you all enjoy your summer.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here come the thunder: are you ready for Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI)?

At this point, my portfolio value - after margin at TD is now 100k. That's quite an enormous amount of money - at least for me. So how come its all working well for me? I think its because I am investing the way I want and I do what I want. Having something really impersonal as portfolio, having someone managing my money wouldn't work well for me. The trick is to focus on the long term and to stay on track. If you believe in something, if you feel that you really need to invest in that X stock because you really really think its the best thing to do well just do it.

One recent example of my perseverance is New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI). I had invested in NFI back in January 2011. The stock had experimented a roller-caster ride. Shareholders had to vote at one point on the way they wanted their shares - all very complicated stuff. Overtime, New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI) had become what I had name one of my troublemaker stock - a stock which value play the yo-yo and is down most of the time.

I never gave up on the stock because its located on Canada Wild West and I like the look of their buses lol

I worked on impression more than anything else. But I stick to it and I taught that holding was the right thing to do. I remembered now today something that Derek Foster (oh no not him again!!!! ahaha) said in an email (because he had the courage to reply to me like every single times). It was something saying that if the creditable of a company remain intact, that it could worth it to hold in a stock.

Of course, its always much more complex than that but back than, I haven't received that email from Derek Foster so I was even more ignorant and clueless. But I wanted to hold.

It can become very difficult overtime to hold on to some difficult stocks, the troublemakers one. But it something you get use to and can even make fun of by naming those stock troublemakers. So I had my troublemakers, and i still have troublemakers today.

But NFI is no longer from the list. NFI is now very closed - just a few bucks away - from the amount of my original investment. This is quite spectacular knowing how much this stock went through since 2011. And those are the kind of things we Canadian have to become very proud of. Of the hability to our businesses to rebuild themselves, to move on. Not all succeed. Its always a very personal choice to stick on to difficult holding. But if you believe in those stocks and have faith in them, you should no let them go like garbage. Our economy is not garbage. We need to celebrate the power of our Canadian economy, even if a guy at the name of you know who... aHH what the heck, let's name him again ok, one more time.. DEREK FOSTER lollll AND Jean-François Tardif. Well those 2 are involved in the US market when the US is absolutely very an awful place to be.

I don't want to encourage a develop country who doesn't care enough about its very own citizens to give an equal access to everyone, from prostitutes, poors, homelesses, to a free healthcare system. There's some people who are in desperate need of health care and it is extremely sad to hear stories of bankrupcy and stuff like time, complete misery because the US system doesn't care and is just obviously a wholly bag of shit.

I don't want to support hypocrisy in any kind of way. This is why I care about the Canadian market and that I am almost 100% Canadian invested. As Canadian, its our responsibility to make our businesses shine inside our portfolio. We are better. We are Canadians!

I was right about NFI and I hope to recover from my investment mistakes.

This is why Jean-François Tardif and Derek Foster are 2 men very very important in my life. But there's not only men, there's women too. Like Susan Brunner, for example.But I prefer to talk about men if you don't mind.

I began investing in stocks are reading Derek Foster books and I made a fortune on his stocks. ENF, ENB, PPL, CDL.A, etc.

As for Jean-François Tardif, he always turned me on while he was a hedge fund manager at Sprott. So when I heard he was launching a fund of his own, I jumped on the occasion, I even got in the initial public offering of his fund. I was excited because I saw the opportunity to cover for my investment mistakes. His fund was going to perform very well, I would do some great $$$ on him and it will have cover for my investment mistakes. But on date of today, Jean-François Tardif fund haven't deliver yet.

I am still waiting.

But in the meantime, I am getting richer my by own way.

Stuff like Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI) - a stock I hold - had performed very well lately. Just go check it out.

That is what I call a girl in action. The mister Jean-François doesn't want to perform? Well, wake-up now or later Jean-François, I don't really need you..... or almost.

A future King is one day old today; long life to the King!

Its been a little while since I haven't post anything here. I had been busy and so far I had a nice summer. I am going home to New Brunswick tomorrow night for a couple days. I hope the weather will be nice because my suitcase is too small to bring everything. I am bringing my laptop, so in case I am getting on a blogging and its raining and the weather suck, you might hear from me. Because if it rain, I will stay inside and watch TV.

My non-registered portfolio is at $118 851, which is quite good. I had received some very great dividend distribution in July so far. Its looking quite good for a $600+ in dividend income for July. i am considering a little trip in August, but I don't know exactly where. I have a few choices: the Mont-Tremblant, the Massif of Charlevoix or... Ottawa. My brother is in Ottawa - and also Derek Foster lol. I like Ottawa but after a while, it can get boring. And I am very use to it so I was thinking the Mont-Tremblant because someone at work is from there and said the lakes are nice. And I always wanted to go there. Its a tourist destination, but even more in winter.

According to Revenu Quebec, my annual income exceed the 50k. And according to them, I own them an extra $12... Its completely hilarious. Yeah, suck me Quebec, suck me. Get everything you want from me but hell, let me go to New Brunswick. I guess the $12 could be right because here in Quebec, we pay for the health insurance. I haven't see a doctor in more than 10 years, but yeah, I am going to pay the f f BS health insurance. I am in very good health, I never missed a day of work in my life, so Quebec province, don't get me on my nerve, I don't want to benefit from your health system, my imagination is greater than everything you can offer. I have the power to take of myself by my own. I have the control over the greatest power - meaning the great me lol.

It make me laugh sometimes people going to the gym, training very very hard and after, having all sort of health problem and injuries. My health philosophy is the following: my body can naturally take the shape that it want, as long as it doesn't get overweight. I could certainly work on losing weight but if my body feel the need to have extra curves, why should I beat it and treat it badly? I have a great body line. The charm is all in the line. What doesn't stick to the outside is not that a big deal because its or like extra huge. Its curvy, its sexy, its all me.

And yes, I have pack my bathing suite in my suitcase, don't worry. Got to be proud of what God gave you as assets and show it all in a distinct and graceful way and manners.

Skinny girls are not at there place on the stock market. It take bones, curves, a good health and good psyche just to have anything to do with it. The past couple weeks had been very difficult.

A commentator just wrote something saying that I won't received so much negative comments if I would be more transparent. Hey, mother f, if having access to my debt portfolio, my portfolio AND my personal diary is not enough for you, don't get on the mother, get on yourself and do on yourself okay? Is that clear enough? Am I transparent enough now?

Like I am writing about everything and I am being asked for more. I cannot show more if not myself completely naked but that's a pleasure you won't be able to savor, if not certainly not here and publicly. Because I am the Queen, I am the Dividend Girl Princess and you have to respect that. I am giving away a mix of good and bad information for absolutely free on my blog, so don't ask too much.

I could certainly post an update of my portfolio but I said it in the past, I will say it again. I only publish update of my portfolio when it is up. Otherwise, in pretty much all of my posts, I disclose the value of my non-registered and how much left I have available on my margin account. What can be more transparent than that? Especially my Debt section. If I wanted to play and to fool, I wouldn't have publish a Deb section, I wouldn't have tell about my failures to save more money, I wouldn't have explain that in deep margin and its consequences.

I know it must be very hard to accept but there is no doubt that the perfection is just right here on this blog. There cannot be a more tangible financial blogger. It is just so very real.

So now, time have come to applaud your favorite princess okay?

Because this is all what it is about. I want my readers to be at my feet, to be totally in to me. If your not that into me, time for you to move on. I want a bunch of unsex lovers.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My money moron budgeting experience

Last week, I watched a couple episodes of The Money Moron and it gave me the courage to look a bit more deeply in my living expenses for the next 2 weeks. I gave myself a $100 for 2 weeks. I busted the amount by $21.54. But it was a bit out of my control. I had paid a Marichito I think its called at Starbuck for me and a co-worker. It cost me $10 right there. And yesterday, the weather was extremely hot in Montreal, so after spending the afternoon outside, I decided to go to the movies. Nothing better to beat the hot heat of the summer. Once out, I saw a parade, Just to Laugh Festival was beginning and it was their parade. I am already at $121.54, but I have everything I need for next week. So my personal challenge will be not to spend a penny next week. I doubt I can make it happen because I am a coffee addict - especially Second Cup coffees. So I may spend 10 bucks in I have in pennies but it won't be more than that.

My $121.54 included some makeup and eating out. So I think that I could survive without too much trouble on $70 per week on regular week. So from now on, I will stick to cash and keep my receipt and look at my expenses once a week.

Here's what my budget will look like:

Rent: $610
Grocery, coffees, other: $280
Student Loan: $98
Credit Card: $37
Laundry: $30
Cell phone: $40
Internet: $23
Banking fees: $6
TOTAL: $1 124

I had been paying cash for my stuff, leaving my credit cards at home. I also kept all of my receipts. It make me realize that I may had spent too much on makeup, eating out and entertainment. I stay more at home, which is not exactly a bad thing now that the must of the summer are behind, the Francopholies and the Jazz Festival. There's currently the Just for Laugh Festival downtown.

I bring my lunch at work everyday and I try to skip my morning coffee at the Second Cup. A medium coffee is at $2.42 if I recall at the Second Cup. That represent alone $12.10 per week. and does don't include the lunch coffee or afternoon coffee or weekend coffee. I brought a cup at work and some tea bags. The taste doesn't compare to my lovely Second Cup, but its a compensation. I realize I had been spending too much on coffees.

I usually bring my lunch to work, but I sometime skip one or two day. The cost to that laziness is around $10 each time.

I am not in need of any new summer clothes, so I won't buy anything else. On that point, I don't have problem to skip the shopping. I don't like to have too many clothes in my closet. At a point, where are you doing to store all your stuff anyway?

If I can respect the $1 124 budget, I will be able to save around $1 700 per month (from paycheck and dividend income). Its quite interesting to realize that the amount of saving is larger than the amount that is being spend for my living. Its a must because I go to New Brunswick a couple times a year and also a few times per year in Ottawa where my brother is.

I always been great to save money, but on the past couple of months, I had been spending too much on entertainment mostly. Having total control over your budget will help not only to save more money, but also to become financially independent. Even while working in a great job, where everything seem to be fine for the next couple years - that's what it is in the immediate - but the situation could changed.

Most people who completed a university and are living in Canada will find themselves in a comfortable situation. However, it is  important to stick to the basic because you never knows when it could turn ugly, you never knows when you'll need your saving to rely on. Its better to always be prepared for the worst. That's why I not a fan of home or condo ownership, and that's why I think no one should be spending more than 10k on a car. Instead of buying luxuries and moving in that 200k condo, the real luxury is money saving. A cool expensive car or condo - its not what will be able to support your living. Its actually the opposite direction. A condo/house and car represent increase your expenses and increase the amount you need for your living.

I am really not comfortable with the purchase of a new car or getting enroll on a mortgage. And I feel its a bad choice for the middle class to chose to get enroll on a mortgage or purchase a new car. A new car cost a fortune in insurance. But that's not the worst. A car doesn't gain in value, but decrease in value. And its terribly easy to get involve in a car accident. There's some expenses that exist for the rich only and a new car is a concrete example of that.

On the other hand, a house or condo will mostly appreciate in term of value, but with the actual economy, I wouldn't take that for granted. When you get involve in a mortgage, you need a job to pay for it. It mean you totally rely on your job for the next 20-30 year of your life to pay for the damn mortgage. Is it really what financial freedom is about?

When Gail asked her guest what their money goal is, the answer is usually to get a home. Gail always respect the goal without saying anything about it. What she does is that seek for ways to arrive to that goal. She totally respect her guests in what they want out of life but I don't. I don't think a home is a good goal. Its a goal projected by our society. Its not a personal one that the individual set up by him or herself. A home is very costly because of the municipal taxes. Each year, taxes increase for no reason, but home owners have to deal with that. So you have the mortgage, all the utilities that come with it, like electricity to pay and all the municipalities taxes. How the middle class is supposed to pay for all that? Once done, there's no room left for saving. Its catastrophic.

I never dreamed of owning a nice expensive car, I never dreamed of having my own home. Those are things that are not important to me. My dream are much bigger. I had been born without any luxury needs - if not being entertain and Second Cup coffees.

Anyway, I already have a home in New Brunswick that me and my brother will inherit one day. Its a little house, nothing fancy, but we have a nice view on the Maine. So is there anything else I should asked for? Income taxes are lower in New Brunswick - actually lower than in Quebec! Because in New Brunswick, we understand that people will spend less if they are taxes too much. Lowe taxes mean a bigger impact on the economy. And too high taxes is not classy, its being disrespectful to the citizens. In New Brunswick, we have class and we have money, we know how to manage ourselves. New Brunswickers are the best at everything.

:) !!!!! 

Fact is, I don't want anyone to have to rely on their employer to make ends reach each month. Businesses are there to make money. Don't expect them to be generous. If they stop making money, you'll get laid off. That's why the power of saving on the income you currently earn from an employer is precious. Its our job to make the best out of it.

My only goal is to increase my dividend income and, why not, pay out some debt. Because I won't be able to retire very safely if I hold too much debt. Currently, my annual dividend income is set up at $6 681, about $556 a month. I am not missing terribly much in order to pay my minimum living expenses. This is why the dividend income is sooo interesting and that's why I don't leave Derek foster alone. I won't be able to escape the rat race anytime soon, but the willingness is quite sexy. And its important to diversify our source of income.

I haven't work too much on my online articles and my self-employed work lately but hey, summer is too short not to enjoy it. In the meantime, pushing the savings is the thing to do.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio BCE Inc. (BCE) and Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ)!

The transfer of my Data Group Inc. (DGI), Sprott Inc. (SII) and Chorus stocks over my TFSA is completed. In result of that transfer, my non-registered portfolio closed yesterday session at $116 126 and the effect was spectacular; I had a gain of 8% in my portfolio. The gain is in result of the transfer of a couple of losers of mine over my TFSA. And during that time, my margin has left $10 714 on it.

But now, the gain are even more. The reason being quite simple, its because I used this week paycheck to invest in 2 new stocks: BCE Inc. (BCE) and Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ). Stella-Jones is new to my non-registered portfolio, but its not all new to the Dividend Girl. I had been holding on some Stella-Jones stock in my portfolio since March 2013. I plan to perform a long time trade on this one. My plan is to sell my Stella-Jones stocks once they will have gain 60%. It may take a while, but if lucky, I will be able to cash in some great return in 2-3 years and, why not, even earlier.

In result of today latest purchase, my non-registered portfolio is at $117 825.94, +10%, $10 700+. And now, let keep things that way!

That's nice! However, keep in mind, I had lost a couple thousands on the losers I had transferred over my TFSA. The reason why I transferred them over is that I didn't want to sell them. And since SII, DGI, CHR.B had lose their loan value, I decided to transfer them to my TFSA. Its a decision that can be easily critical, but it is my decision.

I made a great deal of money on Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) inside my RRSP account, so I decided to repeat the experience in my non-registered account. I also decided to let know Derek Foster about Stella-Jones because time had come for the man to get back on the Canadian side. See what I mean? So does Derek Foster knows Stella-Jones? And if so, does he likes the stock?

Do you want to find out?

Me tooo!!

Ok so here it goes:

"I am familiar with the company (railway ties and utility poles).  Good, simple business and very low-tech, which is great.  I just don't know what keeps competitors from competing and undercutting their price?  Is their comparative large size a benefit that keeps costs down?  I don't think customers seek out their products specifically, so they need a cost advantage with a commodity product...  I feel I've mostly missed the boat already - up almost 100% over the last year....but the whole market has been on a tear the last year or so...
Thanks for emailing and hope you enjoy your summer also.  Cheers, Derek"

Well, one fact for sure, I haven't miss the boat because I had been on Stella-Jones case for the past couple of months. Did I pay too much today for my new investment in Stella-Jones? I don't think so. Future will tell is sexy kitten was right or wrong on this one.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wanna make a hole bunch of money? Like me, take a wild bet on Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ)

I had until July 10th to pay off my balance of my BMO MasterCard. At the end of May, I went on a trip to Ottawa and I also visited my old folks in New Brunswick. it was nice time, but the spending rack up on my credit card. I always pay the balance of my credit card every month.

But for July 10th, my credit card balance was a little bit higher than usual: $1 400.

That's quite a lot of money. I am going on vacation again in about 2 weeks from now. So I told myself that I had to watch carefully on my expenses until that time. For August 10th, I am looking for a balance of not more than $1 000.

There's no magic trip. The only way to save more money is to spend less. That's why I came with a plan to save on money for the next 2 weeks.

I had watched Gail Vaz-Oxlade TV show Money Moron and I got inspired by her. In this episode, Gail gave a girl $100 cash to a girl to week on for 2 weeks. I had done this before, living on a $50 a week. So I figured out that if I had done it before, I could do it again. But while living it, its not easy because - just an example - right now, I would really like to get an hair cut, but I only have $100 to live on for 2 weeks... For 2 weeks, its going to be austerity...

I am also keeping all of my receipts and I plan to do a little spending journal - that's how Gail takes care of morons in her show.

I never had too much trouble to save money, but I find that the more I am earning, the wilder the door is open to temptation of all sorts. With my earning that goes up, its easier to spend more. But instead of spending more, I would rather like to save more.

The $1 400 credit card bill is not that huge considering it include 2 little trips and my monthly regular expenses. I am not against spending money, but I want to be more careful at it. That way, I will be able to

Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) is very hot right now.

I had invested in Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) for the first time in March 2013. Since that time, I made a 30% profit on the stock! That's right; in less than one year, I made a return of 30% on one single stock.

It would be nice isn't if all of my stocks were performing that good!!!

Oh yeah baby.

Right now, Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) is trading at a bit less than $100 per stock. The idea here is too jump in my Stella BEFORE it hit the $100 per stock. Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) is the absolute best friend companion for traders. Why? Because it has low trading volume records. This play in our favor because the stock continue to grow non stop. Since there's not too much trading on this stock, it increase our chances to make $$$ on this one.

Let me explain myself better.

Look at SJ chart for the past 10 years. You'll see a non stop grow there. Of course, past result cannot confirm for sure future results, but probabilities are that, since SJ had survives and grow despite numerous stock crashes, its a sign that right now, the foundation is well set off.

Currently, it seem like we are moving on a grow scheme when it come to SJ. Its value is stable and grow. I mean, what do I have to say more?

Personally, I plan to increase Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ) trading volume by... trading it. I will perform a hot and sexy move simply by purchasing, holding for a little while and than BOUM selling and cashing in the flow. See what I mean?

Traders, have fun on Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ).

Me on Monday

I wrote the following post this past Monday, but I never took time to complete it, so I am just posting now. Enjoy!

My non-registered portfolio is at a good $118 862.84. Things are slowly getting better on the stock market. I was quite happy with the numbers of today. Very soon, some stocks of mine will be transfer over my TFSA, so my non-registered won't be at the value that I am use too. However, this is a very small inconvenience to be able to earn more than $400 free of tax.

We don't get tax that much on dividend income here in Canada. However, with an income of 50k last year, I had paid extra in taxes. Any ways to save on taxes are welcome, including the TFSA.

Monday is always always the hardest day of the week. But today, it was my day. Should I really write about this or not... Too late, here it goes.

The following might be a lesson to all retail investors out there: don't trade and don't perform any kind of operations while being busy at other things. I was looking under my transfer to see how much  I own on my credit line. I withdraw money from my TD credit line occasionally. And with the summer in, I withdraw more than usual. So I was at work thinking that I may haven't transferred money from my margin account to my credit line... So I quickly gave it a check online, but I look too quickly into it. What I taught that was my credit line was actually my RRSP banking account. I taught I was paying my credit line but I was in fact transferring money in my RRSP account... I notice at the step 3... Do I ever make mistakes like that? No, but this time I did.

So I immediately gave TD Waterhouse a call. While waiting and waiting online, I ran to the TD Waterhouse office and someone I knew was there and available and remember my name (I don't know if its a good or bad thing but hey)... And it was fixed in a matter of a few minutes.

That was my Monday funny story.

Oh lala, it was a short one. I took advantage of the situation and I requested the transfer of the money sleeping in the RRSP banking account. So I will have a $500 to play with soon and maybe I will have a bit more money to invest in August. Because for July, forget about it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Me + Summer Sun + Beer = Fresh Hot Claim

I had a very good times in the past couple days in Montreal. After the Francopholies came the International Jazz Festival. Night after night after night... free amazing outdoor shows. So that's why you haven't heard too much of me. And I began a new position at work with a new schedule. I have to get up one hour earlier and I still have a bit of problem with that, going to work in taxi a few times. Its going well however. I am now back in front of my laptop, checking on my portfolio and a few other things.

I have to admit, I haven't check on my stock these past couple of days, but I have checked on the stock market. The market continue its strange behavior. The no direction thing is still going on.

My non-registered portfolio is at $117 619.78, -3.42%. I have left $8 982.15 on my margin. And I just begin to understand why the value of what is left as margin is so low. Its partly because Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B), Data Group Inc. (DGI), Sprott Inc. (SII) have no longer any margin loan value. However, all combine together, these 3 stocks bring in $426.96 in annual dividend income. 

Since those stocks have no loan value and that I still have contribution room left over in my TFSA, its now time to take advantage of the situation and have those stocks transfer in my TFSA so the dividend earn can be tax free. $426.96 is almost a week of salary after taxes.

Once I completed this transaction, my margin loan value will be exactly the same and on top of it, a good amount of income will become tax free. Let say I taking a profit of a situation on which I should only lose on.

I just hang up with a nice TD Waterhouse representative and I got all of my shares of CHR.B, DGI and SII transferred over my TFSA, a $4 313.17 contribution. I didn't want to sell those stocks so best thing to do is to transfer over the TFSA. There will be no capital gain to be pay on the transfer because all of those stocks are down... but at least, the dividend income will be tax free.

Now if you don't mind, I will now get ready to enjoy Montreal hot weather and became a fresh claim under the sun and between sunflowers.

I am leaving but we still have the celebrations over the 600 000 page views that is coming up soon over the weekend so keep reading.


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