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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A gain of 203.24$ in my stocks & units investment portfolio

I am quite exciting on how well things are going! My only regret is to see that poor woman at the name of Ann Coulter making a fool of herself in Canadian territory. All the people I take to about it agree: Ann Coulter is a poor foolish writer, Republican, and all what happen at the University of Ottawa had giving Ann Coulter a good press coverage and it’s a shame. First, the woman is against Muslims and gays. She said in a press conference: "How did Canada go from being the country that sends us all our best comedians to a bunch of whining, crying babies that can’t take a joke?" Muslims and gay rights, among other, are not a joke. It’s not something anyone had the right to make fun of. Canada is a country of integrity. Ann Coulter makes a living by selling books. What happen at the University of Ottawa is giving her free press: see, I am actually talking about her on my blog right now!

But I feel powerless, very irritating to see Ann Coulter wanted to be well-treated in Canada. Ann Coulter won’t be well-treated in Canada because most of Canadians are for civil rights, are Muslims and gay friendly. Best thing that can possibly happen at the University of Calgary: I hope she’ll be giving her speech in front of an empty theatre. Shame at the University of Calgary, the University of Ottawa and the institution of London Ontario to have invite Ann Coulter for a speech. Also, shame at the editor of the National Post who had published an email send by a senior administrator of the University of Ottawa send to Ann Coulter. This is all a big mess and Ann Coulter is taking advantage of it. I never heard about Ann Coulter before the Ottawa events. But when I read about Ann Coulter and learn more about her, I just had one thing on mind: the bitch is better to leave Barack Obama alone! Its all I have to say about Ann Coulter. If you are not aware of Ann Coulter and what happen at the University of Ottawa, you can google Ann Coulter University of Ottawa and you’ll see by yourself… Ann Coulter is a blond freak. Should she never come to Montreal or she will receive exactly the same treatment she had received in Ottawa.

As for now, my stocks and units investment portfolio (non registered one) is currently at a very awesome 48 306.15$, a gain of 203.24$ compare to… only yesterday! I don’t even earn that much money in one day of work right now! All gain, as little as they are, all good and welcome. At this point, my investment life is much much interesting because I had reached the amount of richness I never expected to have of my life. I realize this today, as I was working… lol. I can definitively “feel” the portfolio taking form… Can you feel it too? lol… My good and bad investments experience (and bad work experience at BMO Bank of Montreal) allow me to appreciate my money even more and I can now see clearly exactly where I am going. Straight to the point as always.

So things are getting pretty hot in my investment portfolio. Yesterday, I went through this calculation:

86 047.56$ (total) in assets + 4 239.96$ in annual dividend income
= 90 287.52$

Wow…… 90 287.52$. Isn’t that awesome?

Ok, yes, I have 36 585.03$ in debts, but my yearly dividend cover the cost of the interest rate on the money I borrow. At 36 585.03$ in debts, I am not in the deep red. Well, I do not considered myself as being in the deep red, struggling with debt problems. So check this out:

4 239.96$ (amount earn in annual dividend income) – 1 775.20$ (amount of the interest generate on my 36 585.03$ debt)
= 2 464.76$

Very very good!

The key is to have enough money to cover the minimum loan payment due each month. At this point, I have no problem. Everything is under control. At least for now lol...

Hope that sharing my experience will help other to believe that the dream is possible.

If you want my point of view, BMO Bank of Montreal and Ann Coulter are looking pretty bad right now. What do you think?

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