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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NB Power belong to New Brunswickers!

Finally! New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham had been intelligent enough to close New Brunswick doors to Hydro-Québec! New Brunswickers had what it take to be energetic independent. Shouldn't ever loose the control of our province never again! the Québec Governement is just so ridiculous. By asking too much, Québec had the deal close. And that's better this way!

Is it New Brunswickers fault if previous provincial governement, we can think of Bernard Lord, didn't do what they should to protect New Brunswickers energy ressources? Just like other province, New Brunswick is able to be auto-sufficient. Just our ministers had stop to look ways around to sell us to foreigns, like Québec. Bernard Lord is just one of those idiot. He currently live in Montreal. One of the stupiest and laziest New Brunswick past minister live and work in Québec? Coincidence? No. too much jerks are here, especially in Montreal: Brian Mulroney, Henri-Paul Rousseau, among other. And I a just praying God almost everyday for a relocation.

But now, how New Brunswick going to produce its energy? I don't have a clue. Candle light....... lol..........

New Brunswick rock and NB Power blong to New Brunswickers and to no one else.

Anyhow, Hydro-Québec customer service is so poor, very awful. There's also a lot of billing problem. I don't want any of that shift in my province. So now things are going to be better for New Brunswickers since nothing of the poor Québec system will be in the place.

May God bless New Brunswick.

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