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Friday, March 19, 2010

My RSP investments for the fiscal year of 2009

Today, something extraordinary happen: Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) had exceeded the 6$ per stock! Yellow Pages close the day at 6.03$! That’s very good for our investment portfolio. Also, the fabulous Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) who finish the day at an extraordinary 14.28$! Way to go Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN)!

Also, what I had been waiting for had finally happen: the 10 500$ from my RSP saving account got transferred into my online broker account. The money is there, just waiting for me to take some actions. So new trades are among the way. Very exciting!

We are looking forward to make some new investments. In a way, 10 500$ is not that much money, but it will certainly calm our appetite for trading for a good month or 2…

We previously discuss about the investment we would like to make. We had removed (PM) from the list. Not that PM does not represent a good investment, but fact is, PM seems to be volatile and we are greatly in need of stability and grow in our investment portfolio. Don’t forget about 100 000.00$ assets goal!

A little while ago, I discover Emera Inc. (EMA) by reading a fantastic blog: Money Energy. The blog is full of investment ideas. Since I am from New Brunswick, I always like to invest in Maritimes stocks. And Emera Inc. (EMA) is quite interesting. Pretty stable company. I like Emera. I wanted add on to my portfolio for a very long time now! So here it comes:

Emera Inc. (EMA)
Number of stock: 200
Investment value: 4 920$ + commission fee of 29$ = 4 949$
Annual dividend earning: 226.40$

This one coming from Derek Foster (Stop Working Too: You Still Can!):

EnCana Corporation (ECA)
Number of stock: 100
Investment value: 3 212$ + 29$ = 3 241$
Annual dividend earning: 80$

We now have 2 310$ left. What are we going to do with it? The magic word: GOLD. This next investment won’t pay any dividend, but it will certainly bring great stability to our investment portfolio. I never invested in gold before, so this is pretty exciting:

Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL)
Number of stock: 200
Investment value: 2 028$ + 29$ = 2 057$

So this is probably what’s going to happen!

As you can see, not too much in dividend, but I acquire 2 companies I wanted for a long time and I think I am doing good investments. And that Claymore Gold Bullion is probably going to rock the house!

So those are for my RSP investment. I didn’t place any purchase order yet. I am over-excited. Gonna wait until tomorrow early morning.

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