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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A TSX at more than 12 000 points... yeah and so what?

Kind of funny isn’t? It’s just that the TSX may had exceed the 12 000 points this very last Friday, but it didn’t bring much value to my investment portfolio. I just notice, I had received the dividend for Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) (28.61$) and (PIF.UN) (53.69$). I just hope the dividend will DRIP. At this time, the money appears in cash in the account. I have to call my lovely friends of TD Waterhouse anyway because the money of my RSP didn’t get transferred into the RSP account yet.

Also, the 100$ for the RSP account haven’t been took yet, and I don’t want the fee to be take from the RSP account. Because RSP money is made for trading, not to be deducted for stupid RSP broker account fees. I say stupid because I do not accept that TD Waterhouse is making me paying a 100$ fee for a RSP account, just because I am going to have less than 25 000$ in it. I am not going to scream a I hate TD Waterhouse like I did before, but geessssss come on guys at TD! Those RSP fees are so unrespectful, stupid, awful! So terribly wrong. It’s wrong to ask fees for a RSP account. Want to know why? Because the f****** money cannot be withdraw from the account! The dividend earns inside a RSP account have to remain inside the f***** RSP account! lol! There’s no way of that sh**!

Anyhow, be and TD are in business since they gave me an RSP line of credit of 10 000$. So me and TD, it’s for life, even if their RSP fee sucks! Me and TD it’s for life. Not only because of the RSP credit line. I recently got an offer from TD Visa for a credit card balance transfer… at 4.9%! This offer available until April. I have my TD regular credit line that is almost full… And it’s at 8%. So guess what’s going to happen?

The magic world: PING-PONG!

We are going to have a ping-pong game one more time, one more time baby!

Ok, I can see your eyes rolling, your underarms getting wet… If you are not a regular reader, you’re going ask, what the hell the poor girl is taking about? Well, I am taking about a ping-pong game lol!

This is what’s going to happen on Monday morning:

I have a RBC Visa. I am going to withdraw in cash at the bank 5 000$. As soon as I have the cash, I am going to « run » to the TD closest branch, which is really next to RBC anyway, so no risk. And I am going to deposit 5 000$ on the TD credit line. After, I run back home, log in in my TD account. Complete the little form in order to get the 5 000$ from RBC Visa transfer to TD Visa at 4.9% for 6 months! This will allow me to save around 100$ in interest. After 6 months, I will simply withdraw the money from my TD credit line and place a 5 000$ on my TD Visa.

So, do you feel like playing a ping-pong game? I do.

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