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Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Emera, 200 new stocks of Emera Incorporated (EMA) in my RSP investment portfolio

This is it! I just invested in 200 stocks of Emera Incorporated (EMA). The 200 stocks were purchased in 2 blocks of 100 stocks. Don't ask me why. First block was purchased at 24.60$. The second one at 24.61$. Yeah!

Welcome Emera Incorporated (EMA) in our investment portfolio!


Unknown said...

I love EMA, I own 250 shares at the moment, but in a non-registered account. I decided to hold all my canadian dividend paying holdings in a non-registered account because of teh favourable tax treatment for dividend income.

Also, Iuse my secured line of credit to purchase the shares with borrowed money and use the dividend payment to pay the monthly interest. I deduct the interest expense as an investment expense on my taxes.

Sunny said...

I really like Emera and was very happy to have it add in my portfolio. We both borrow to invest in EMA. I use a RSP line of credit.


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