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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome in the house Methanex Corporation (MX) dividend in my online future trading brokerage

I didn’t make any gain today from my non registered stocks and units portfolio. I close the day at 48 060.82$, loosing 242.04$ compare to March 29. It’s not dramatic, I am confident to experiment interesting gain in the upcoming weeks. Hope April will be even better than March. Difficult to believe, but another month is about to start!

I received my Methanex Corporation (MX) dividend today. I had received 15.96$ from Methanex Corporation (MX). This dividend didn’t bring extra stock to our portfolio since Methanex Corporation (MX) is at more than 20$ per stock at this time. For the month of March 2010, I had earned 193.35$ in dividend. The month of March had been quite busy for our investments. I got my RSP loan, borrow 5 000$ to invest in Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN), etc… March had been a great month, I managed myself quite well with my online future trading brokerage. Hope the next several months will be even better.

I have a few other projects on the way. One Web site project had been working on for a little while. On May 30, a 1 000$ I was holding in the Financials GIC Plus RSP will be release. I am hoping for a return on my 1 000$ investment. I just cannot wait to see how much I will earn. I made this 1 000$ investment in the Financials GIC Plus RSP back in 2005. That was 5 years ago! On May 30, I should received at least 1 000$, if not more in my RSP saving account. When the money will be from my RSP saving account, I will transfer the money into my broker account. That amount will be added to the 259.15$ I currently hold in cash in my RSP broker account. But that will only happen in the beginning of early June. Will there any other project before June?

Well, we have that emergency fund that we had fix at 2 000$ that we want to have in our saving account. Its something extremely boring to work on, but I felt its some kind of a necessity, at some point. So we are slowly building an emergency fund of 2 000$ or around it, we’ll see what can be save. We gave ourselves until the month of May, were our RSP loan payment will begin, to match 2 000$ in savings or the closest we can be to it.

It’s pretty much it for the upcoming investment projects. Nothing much. But to do more, I would need more money.

At this point, I am very please with my portfolio. Of course I would like to see my portfolio grow even more. But it’s not like before, it’s not like I am feeling any kind of interior pressure to earn more money to purchase more stocks. So the necessity of searching for a third job is more or less there. I know its silly, but working at 3 jobs at the same time is the only way I find to earn good money without doing anything illegal.

So the question being: should I job search or not? Should we all think about this one.

Happy April fooool.

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