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Friday, April 16, 2010

Building financial wealth one investment at a time

Early this morning before going to wok, I had placed my order to purchase 200 units of Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN). I place the price limit at 5.30$. My order went through at the opening, which was 5.27$. Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN) close the day at 5.22$. I had Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN) in my investment portfolio before, but in the TFSA. Now, I also hold Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN) in the non registered part of my portfolio.

Investing in the stock market is really addictive. I could have leaved the money on my credit line, it would had made more sense, but I just couldn’t. I invested in 200 units of Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN) because I wanted to do something out of this 1 000$. At the end, I currently have 265$ in emergency fund lol. I can say that right now, I am living paycheck to paycheck. It’s a personal choice. I really want to hit the 100 000.00$ in assets by 2010. It’s just something I had in mind for a couple of months now, even before my BMO Bank of Montreal adventure. Being laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal didn’t change anything. I still can invest and build a future financial wealth even after being laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal. And the future is here… or close by.

Ok, so currently, my non registered portfolio is at 48 675.30$. This being after, of course, my newest investment of 1 048$ in the Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN). Yeah!

48 675.30$ - 1 048$ = 47 627.30$

47 627.30$ is the value of my non registered portfolio where it was before adding on 200 units of CWI.UN. 47 627.30$ represent a lost of 537.47$ compare to April 5. Back than, I was at an outstanding, almost perfect 48 164.77$. Loosing 537.46$ is not a drastic lost. The value of my investments will go up again, its just a matter of time. I like it very much when everything goes up. But when it goes down, it goes down.

Oh, and I almost forgot: Welcome again, Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN) in my investment portfolio!

Another investment, another step forward to My First 100 000.00$.

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