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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More about my laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal

A lot of things had been going on lately… our lay off from our late job, our loan refusal from Bank of Scotia (BNS)… among other lol. But no matter what’s happening and how bad things are, I still find a way to manage. And I have to say, I am quite impress with myself.

I had my taxes declaration completed. My 10 500$ RRSP contribution had been quite helpful. I got a return of 134$ from the federal government. I own Quebec province 466$. It could have been worse since our total income for 2009 had been of more than 40 000$. And next week, it’s going to be worst for Quebec taxes. I don’t mind paying taxes, but the quality of health cares in Quebec is so low, I am basically paying for nothing at all. In more than 3 years living in Quebec, I never had the chance to benefit from Quebec health system. I never had been able to get my annual check-up done. I may have high blood pressure or cholesterol, or anything else. Who knows? I am in a good health condition, but it would be important to see a doctor at least once a year. I am in my late twenties now. Anyhow, I had experiment the Quebec system long enough to say that paying taxes in Quebec doesn’t worth it. Paying a high fee for rent, utilities don’t worth it either. Life in Quebec doesn’t worth it.

The job market is kind of close to new comers in Quebec and as a New Brunswicker, I never had the chance to have a real good job. Government jobs and Radio-Canada jobs are being offering to friends of people who already work for those organizations. While being at Second Cup coffee shop on Mont-Royal, I heard a girl saying that she just got a good administration job at Radio-Canada after being refer by a friend of hers who was working at Radio-Canada. In Quebec society, to have a job, you need to be referred by someone. I do not work in that system and I don’t want to get involve in it. This is what Quebec society is all about: hypocrisies.

I had been really bad treated by my ex-employer BMO Bank of Montreal. I had been laid off after only 3 months of try out, juts before the RSP season and after being giving a 5 000$ credit line and a 4 000$ credit card. I had a 6 months tried out period, but on that 6 months try out period I had been only giving 3 months. After providing several references, background check, involving a criminal check, after getting involve in a 6 weeks training, reading materials, after accepting a crazy schedule of 6 pm to 2 am in the morning at the call center of Montreal, I got laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal after only 3 months. Is that fair? I would have deserved my chance and they could have wait until the ending of the RSP season. But no. This is how it went to me and from now on, BMO Bank of Montreal will have to live with its regret. One of my late colleague had been laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal at the really end of the integration process. We were so not well train that we had questions every call or so that we were taking. It is not normal to have so many questions at the end of a 6 weeks training, training which at the end you are suppose to be ready to take calls. That why I find my laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal.

One day, if not by the end of 2010, I will reach the 100 000.00$ in assets and when it will happen, I will dedicate this achievement to those ***, BMO Bank of Montreal. Thank you for reading.

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