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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am now at 87 291.72$

Interesting gain earns by the TSX today, but the gains aren’t showing up in my non registered stocks and units portfolio! I think its one of the first time this is ever happening to me, that my portfolio is not following the gain of the TSX. Our non registered stocks and units investment portfolio is now at 47 991.39$, a lost of a 311.47$ compare to March 29! A couple of things are going really wrong! Sprott Inc. (SII) is falling… under 4$! Timminco (TIM) is falling… under 1$! Hanwei Energy Services (HE) is falling… under 40 cents! Those are the major issues in our investment portfolio. If only the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund could performed better, it could bring Sprott Inc. (SII) to up to 5$ per stock. Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is doing better, but the fund is not doing better than following the gains of the TSX. At a management fee of 2.5% per year, I am expecting much more coming from the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. High management fee but poor return. That’s what I had experiment with the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund so far.

Other than some loses and poor results with some so call investment, we experiment some positive gains today, but the gains were not enough to cover the loses, so we finish the day at -311.47$. PGF.UN continue its journey and will probably reach the 12$ per unit very soon. DHF.UN seem to be pretty close to the 18$ per unit. BNS will probably reach 51$ per stock very soon… Some great things are going on in our portfolio. Growing like a pretty little garden.

Our registered investment portfolio (RSP) had done very well, an increase of 110$ compare to March 29. Our mutual funds also earned interesting gain. Since I received a paycheck from my second job today, I add an extra 300$ to my savings section, for a total of 1 002.69$. Without that extra 300$ in savings, I would have been at 86 991.72$... But we have some savings so we now have 87 291.72$ in assets. Not bad isn’t?

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