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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My credit card limit increase request had been approved!

Just a few days ago, I had applied for a credit card limit increase of 3 000$ so I can benefit of a credit card balance transfer of 4.9%... Well, the request had been approved. TD Canada Trust is the greatest financial institution in Canada. TD Canada Trust never refused me anything! I have a TD credit line, a TD Visa, a TD RSP credit line… not to mention a broker account. Actually, the only thing missing from my TD package is a TD chequing account. So this is pretty great. I could have get refused because of the current debts I hold. But since my broker account is at TD, they can also see what kind of cash I have invested. I guess it had played in my favor. The Dividend Girl is also… a TD Girl lol…

Just a few months ago, I had applied for a RSP loan at Bank of Scotia and got refused. The reason why? For Bank of Scotia (BNS), I was holding too much for the salary I had. Also, I had basically no cash, only investment. And a branch of Bank of Scotia (BNS) located in Montreal didn’t want to take my stocks portfolio as security, even if I am one of their shareholder. I think things could have worked out better if I would had been better at another branch. So just don’t go visit the branch of Bank of Scotia located on University downtown Montreal because you will just loose your time! Bank of Scotia is not willing to make business with you if you don’t hold cash and hold too much debt.

I am proud of my debts, of my investments and not having cash do not matter to me. Not working full-time had been an issue too… and being fired from BMO Bank of Montreal too lol. Like come on! Bank of Scotia (BNS) need to be more open-mind. I had an awesome credit history, I am rich, and some sick people of Bank of Scotia are saying NO to me?

I had big project for me and Bank of Scotia. I wanted to get the loan, transferred my portfolio over Scotia iTrade…. But since Bank of Scotia REFUSED my loan request, I told myself: f*** off, I stay with TD. From that point, I told myself I was going to stay forever with TD Canada Trust.

I wanted to switch for Scotia iTrade because with a minimum of 50 000$ in portfolio, which I was reaching at the time with the RSP loan, I could had placed trades at 9.99$. It was basically the only reason why I wanted to switch from T D Waterhouse to Scotia iTrade. But it never happens, so I decide to stay with TD. Business is over with Bank of Scotia, as well as BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO) because, as you might already know, BMO Bank of Montreal fired me after 3 months, shortly after giving me a 5 000$ credit line and 4 000$ Mastercard credit card. But shouldn't be surprised, as a New Brunswicker, I had experiment the lack of common sense of Quebeckers. I would have deserved a longer try out period. I was willing to learn and doing my best. My laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal is also a lack of social responsibilities from BMO Bank of Montreal. They had provided me credit, learn about my good credit situation and my investment and than, after giving me 9 000$ value in credit, fired me before my try out period. I could only have lived something like it here in Quebec. Quebec corruption is not only about wanted to be a country of their own, it’s about also their local MBA holders, thinking they are good and have it, to apply their own rules, thinking maybe I was going to get hurt, thinking maybe my spirit would get kill. But you have to follow my own rules. And BMO Bank of Montreal won’t be forgiven from my end.

And hopefully, I will reach 90 000$ in assets sometime this summer.

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