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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My first 100$ payout from Google AdSense program

Yep! Usually, bloggers request a payment by cheque, but I did mine through online banking as I wanted to be sure to get the payment. I didn’t want to see the work of 3 years of blogging to get lost in the mail. What really help me in reaching my first 100$ in Google AdSense is HubPages and of course, this current blog. I reach 100$ once, I can reach 100$ a second time. I just hope that next time, it won’t take me as long as 3 years lol. But I see blogging as a hubby, and when you see blogging this way, your chances of making good money of blogging is low. I also blog on a very personal tone. I am not an expert on anything really, so it makes it even harder. But I have to say, in the last couple of months, I saw the traffic on my blog increasing. The key: just keep blogging, writing, I guess. On a long term goal, I would very much like to be able to earn 100$ per month from Google AdSense program. It’s possible. In my case, 100$ per month would required more articles on HubPages, more post on my blog. Extremely difficult to blog, write articles and work full-time! But I am willing to take the challenge!

The last couple of days had been quite busy. I had been busy at « stretching » my budget, as a new payer is being add on this upcoming May, my RSP credit line payment. My monthly payment is of around 107$. Currently, I have just enough money to cover up for my expenses. But luckily, I can cover all the payments I need to make, rent included for the month of May. Which mean that all of what I will earn on my next paycheque can be money save over my next investment, 100 new stocks of Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A). At a point, I am quite tempted to just cash in my dividend instead of making them roll over but as view before…. There seem to be no easy way. I can make end reach just the way I am being set right now but of course, I want more.

April 23, 2010 had been quite an extraordinary period for my portfolio. Back than, my non registered portfolio was at 49 701.44$. For the same portfolio, I registered today a 841.75$ lost. The beautiful gains had been lost, but I am confident I will reach the 841.75$ in gain really soon. I do not really know what to think about the situation in Greece and other European countries. But hope its turn for the best.

So I guess I will have no choice than going out of my comfort zone and work more hours at my daytime job, save save save and… job search. This week, I try to be careful with my expenses. I begin to cut on my coffees but believe it or not, it has an effect on me. I am feeling less alert and more sleepy. I bring tea bag at work and in the morning, I made myself some coffee. But nothing to compare to Second Cup coffee, that’s for sure.

Cutting on small expenses can have a huge positive effect on a budget. As for myself, we can talk about one, if not 2 coffees per day for a total of 4.42$ per day. 4.42$ x 30 days = 132.60$.... 30 days because not to forget I work Saturday and Sunday too… And this amount does not even include eating out. It make easily 200$ per month that I can save pretty easily. I done this kind of saving before, giving myself sometime a « non coffees week » goal. Each time, the goal had been more or less respected, but each time, I had been able to save some money. Myself, my bad habit is mostly coffee and eating out. Once it will be under control for good, I will be fine. I am just very happy to have already the cash to pay all of my May expenses.


Dividend Lover said...

Hi Dividend Girl,

I have a suggestion for you,`

if you turn your non-registered portfolio into a margin account, you will be able to borrow against your stocks at a lower rate than your current debts.

I think TD`s margin rates are prime +1.5% so you`d be saving the difference in interest. between your margin interest and your line of credit interest.

you are using leverage already anyway, since you have debts and investments. you might as well lower your interest payments. you don`t have to use the margin to buy stocks more stocks.

set up the margin account, withdraw enough cash to pay off the lines of credit.

but if you set this up you must be able to resist the temptation of leveraging further until you gain more experience.

just pay off the revolving credits, keep the student loan and special offer credit cards.

Sunny said...

Hi there, very good suggestion. We can see that you are an engineer, very good perspective you have. But I have to say, I never think of margin too much. Reason why? Well, Derek Foster say to avoid investing on margin. But I guess I didn't follow Derek Foster on a way that I borrow to invest. So far, I had been satisfied with my results. And having that 100 000$ assets goal just accelerate the whole process. At this point, I could use margin as you say, to pay off debt. I could not use it to invest more because I am already dealing with a tight budget... Margin the way you expose it would make 4% in interest rate. Very good, compare to what I have as interest with my TD credit line (8% for 5 000$) and my RSP loan (4.75% for 10 000$) and even a credit card balance transfer with TD Visa at (4.9% for 8 000$ for 6 months)... I could use the margin money to pay off debts that are at a higher interest rate. Interesting! Just have to check how much they can borrow me and how much would be the minimum payments. I had received a credit card balance transfer recently from MBNA at 1.99% for 1 year. But I didn't apply yet because again, its a temporary offer and that I would need to open other credit... I was thinking about a credit line with RBC but this margin idea is just brilliant in a way. Didn't taught the margin money could be use at other things other than investing. Trust me, I won't be tempt to use the margin to invest more as my budget already tight. Very good suggestion you are giving me. Thanks!

Dividend Lover said...


There are no monthly payments for the borrowed money on margin, the interest just gets added to balance every month.

I think i was wrong the interest rate is probably prime+1.25 so that 2.25+1.25 = 3.5%

how much you can borrow depends on what stocks you have bought.

but promise to be careful.

Sunny said...

Don't worry, I will be careful. I won't borrow to invest more, just to pay off current debt at cheaper interest rate offer by the margin.

Anonymous said...

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