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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise… I am now at 88 340.15$

Today had been a long day even if I finish work early. I goanna try to catch up in my hours tomorrow. I did some boring stuff that need to be done like paying on my credit card because I had exceed the limit, picking up my mail, calling my Internet provider to change my credit card (with all of their special interest credit card balance offer, my TD Visa is FULL), calling BMO InvestorLine to close my account. Yep, I had transferred everything I own to another broker, but that didn’t close the account immediately. So I did all those. And as always, trying to reach someone at BMO InvestorLine was almost mission impossible. I do not lie, it took me 30 minutes because being able to talk to someone! Way so much better at T D Waterhouse! You can really feel the difference. So those were for the majors of the day… Pretty boring isn’t? But now the best is to come…

I am now at a magical 88 340.15$ in assets

I update my investment portfolio today because I knew, by the way it was looking, that this was our day: I had exceeded the 88 000$ in assets! Currently, our overall investment portfolio is at 88 340.15$. Yeah! Like I work so hard for it, I am happy to be a bit closer to my goal. The 100 000$ is just around the corner!

Real positive gains today with Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) who had announced a new acquisition. Just Energy had reached 14$ during the day, but close at 13.96$. Not bad, way to go Energy! Also, we had to remember that we are not in the gas season now so its pretty fantastic that Just Energy had been able to reach 14$ during the day today. Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) is one of my favorite.

Sprott Inc. (SII) is still under 4$ while the company had announced a new fund, seem to be interesting, it’s the Sprott Private Credit Fund. The fund will be manage with the participation of Third Eye Capital Management Inc. Just great news for stocks holder of Sprott Inc. (SII).

1.99% interest rate offer on credit card balance transfer from MBNA

Also today, believe it or not, in the mail was waiting for me a happy surprise… a 1.99% interest rate on credit card balance transfer for one year…. The same one that is using The Rat for his 25 000$ leverage project! I was shocked when I open the letter. It has my name on it and my address. I had been targeted, I don’t know how, but may I be bless to have receive such offer… can you believe 1.99% for one year! Too bad I didn’t go pick up my mail earlier because I already apply for a credit card limit increase at TD. But 1.99% for a full year is such a terrific offer. I going to apply and we’ll see what happen. I guess my credit card is not bad at all if I had been targeted. I think I had been target through RBC Royal Bank. Why? With BMO Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust and all other I have my residential address. With RBC Royal Bank, my postal box. And I had received the terrific letter at my postal box, so I guess RBC is doing telemarketing for MBNA credit card. But who care? I just wanna this offer! So this was the second good news of the day. I am the credit card godness queen. I LOVE credit card transfer balance and their low interest.

I have multiple debts for close to 40 000$. It was my own choice to borrow money on credit card balance transfer and on credit lines, but I don’t regret my choice.

Here what I would like to pay off using a credit card balance transfer:

-Credit line: 4 840$ at 3.5% =
169.40$ in annual interest
- Credit line: 5 000$ at 8% =
400$ in annual interest
Credit card balance transfer: 5 000$ at 4.9% =
245$ in annual interest
Credit card balance transfer: 4 359.02$ at 3.9% =
170$ in annual interest
TOTAL OF DEBTS: 19 199.02$
Total in interest rate: 984.40$

I would like to get a 20 000$ credit card, so I can benefit of the 1.99% offer for 1 year for those debts. This way, I could save 602.34$ in interest money! Knowing myself, I know I might be tempted to use the money to invest more in Just Energy and other… But no matter what’s going to happen, a 1.99% interest rate is a good opportunity.

Dividend news

Also today, I had received the dividend of Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN), 7.42$. Last week or so, I had received the dividend from Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). I was going to call T D Waterhouse because the dividend didn’t DRIP, but I run out of time. And just by checking the Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) Web site, I see that the DRIP had been suspended. This is really sad because the DRIP system can be quite powerful. I could had earned around 4 new stocks of Premium Brands if only the DRIP would had been still on going… I currently have 100$ in cash in my broker account, whch I am not use to have. That money will help to make the minimum payment on my credit line. I would just have 50$ of my own to pay on the credit line.

Government cheque

I had received my federal checked of 130$. No more excuses for not doing exercice with that money, I can purchase a new pair of running shoes. Current pair tighting my feet too much when I exercice on a long period of time. Outch! So I am going to climb the Mont-Royal right to the top. Check me out.

So lot of extraordinary things happen today. I am feeling lucky, gonna have to purchase a lottery ticket.

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