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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lovely gains today for my everything

I like to end a day of work like this: coming home early, starting my laptop, log-in to my online broker account and… discover fantastic gain in my investment portfolio!

My non registered stocks & units portfolio is up of 182.60$. My TFSA portfolio is up of 78.40$. And my RSP stocks portfolio is up of 26$. This mark a 287$ gain today only – and this is only counting one part of my portfolio. I won’t update it again as I just did it yesterday. The gains made are small but interesting, knowing that those were gains made between yesterday and today… 287$ is more than I do in just a day of work! I am quite happy with my portfolio right now. The gains were not spectacular today at the TSX, but I prefer little gains to major ones. Little gains seem to be just more stables. Since the big stock crash of somewhere in 2008, the TSX is everything but not stable. I can definitely talk about it! The road had been rough for our mutual fund investments. But among the way, with a well diversified portfolio, everything is possible and I have to say, I have achieve my everything today.

So what happen today that I got a juicy boost in value? Well, even if they refused my RSP loan this year, Bank of Scotia (BNS) is in good business. The stock value had raised to the 52$. So you can imagine the positive effect on my portfolio as I own 105 stocks of that marvelous. Also, Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) is at an extraordinary 6.53$. Those were 2 of our major investment portfolio boosters!

Sprott Inc. (SII) still under 4$ per unit and Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) again at less than 14$ per unit. Once those 2 will go up again, gains will be just spectacular. My non registered stocks and units investment portfolio could than worth close to the 50 000$ alone!

I finally complete my credit card limit request. I will learn more about it within 2 business days.

Other Internet projects among the way, a new Web site idea I wrote about previously… well, it’s still on going. My only problem is discipline. That’s the main reason why I wasn’t able to launch the project yet. I had been too busy counting and re-counting my money.

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