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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) dividend bringing summer fun

This is very nice: I received 51.94$ in dividend from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)! It’s actually very sweet to come back from work (I was working today at my weekend job) and log in to my laptop and see that I am richer of 51.94$... I am quite happy because this brings the stocks I hold with Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) to 107. Once Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) will exceed the 51.94$ or around, I won’t be able to get any new stock from the DRIP. But until that happen, I am enjoying the DRIP. This is actually looking very great for my dividend income of July. It’s at its highest ever, at 397.37$! This is getting interesting! My non registered portfolio (for stocks + units) had close Friday at 49 549.78$. Not so bad at all! Those are just little things that help me keep going even if my job situation is not the dream. So I am going to get back to work Monday at my daytime work with a big smile in my face and no one will know the reason why I am smiling. Except if you know who I am… lol... So thank you Bank of Nova Scotia, too bad you had to refuse my RSP loan because I rock. Show me the money baby and show me the love.

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Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

- Thomas


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