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Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome again Corby Distilleries, 100 new stocks of CDL.A in my online future trading brokerage

I went to Just for Laugh Festival yesterday and when I came back home, I was totally exhausted, my place was still a mess, some laundry was still waiting after me to me done and so on…….. lol. I wake up late again. I just hear my pager ringing. I think it’s my daytime job calling me. I was on schedule even if my vacations got approved and even after I complete a form to have my vacation paycheck. Which seem to be strange, but I got a colleague who went exactly to the same thing. What he did? He just didn’t answer the call as his vacations got approved. Anyhow, I am a complete mess right now and need to take a shower; I am not ready to go to work at all. Good news: I just made another investment, 100 stocks of Corby Distilleries (CDL.A) at 15.14$ per stock. Good bargain knowing the stock price of CDL.A is usually of 15.30$. My non registered portfolio is now at 48 703.42$. I will update my portfolio value if not tonight in the upcoming days. Got to shower and dress to call back my job, if it’s them, I wouldn’t like to ignore them and loose my job. Because no job = no investment…

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