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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Work problems over and over again, getting a taste of Quebec life or nothing more than a life

What a week! A mix of good and bad things, just like usual… Cannot be black or white, always grey…… The heat is hitting Montreal and as I don’t have air conditioning, I hate living in my apartment. But I am getting more used to the heat. Monday was very awful as the heat hit me very badly. So badly that I miss the Monday show at the Jazz Festival. I was real too hot and drinking a beer at almost 6$ didn’t help. The beer and food wasn’t cheap at the Jazz Festival but the shows were all good. Anyhow as for now, I am feeling better. I have air conditioning at my workplace. Tonight, I wanted to do extra hours but I wasn’t needed so I had to leave. I didn’t want to go home, so I want to Chapter’s and read magazine. I read the new issue of MoneySense among other and stuff about Angelina Jolie beautifully overexposed on the cover of VanityFair. And today, I call to give my hours for my weekend job and this is it, I am facing a lack of work until the middle of August. Which is not so bad. I knew it was kind of coming but I wasn’t too sure. I wasn’t ready for it so now I am kind of confuse and I don’t know if I am working this Saturday or not lol. The only thing I remember from my call is that there was a lack of work and that my Sunday will be giving to someone with a higher productivity level. Just those words you know. I had been working there for 3 years now, beginning full-time and now part-time, giving all my Saturdays and Sundays and now I am being told I am not productive enough. I could have been hurt by such comments. But no matter what’s going on, when it involves Quebeckers, nothing really hurt my feelings. I do not even bother. I just don’t care. I am going to be ok even without working the weekends. Just my main job salary is kind of low paying. But it’s been nice working there as I had been working there for more than 2 years now. I had always been able to get the hours I wanted and stuff so I won’t complaint. My schedule didn’t change since my laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal back in January – or was it February – 2010. But if it happen I find another job, I am pretty sure I will be able to make another shift trade. Weekend job or not, I am going to survive. But its look like my 90 000$ assets plan is ruined. I will celebrate my 30 birthday….. poor (or kinda) but still, happy, I believe. Because I won’t say I am not happy despite my personal situation (always the work, you know). I am doing ok, I have enough to cover my frugal living lol and make the minimum payment on my debt so what’s the deal, after all. I am just at a point where I have enough, I guess. Enough of dealing with complicated work situation, enough of Quebeckers who’re just sucking my energy right through it. Have enough! So it’s going to be a wonderful weekend spend at not working at all! Yeah! And maybe dreaming at moving outside Quebec, if not running back home, in New Brunswick. Kind of hate it here in Quebec, even if Montreal is quite enjoyable by itself.


canuck said...

Hi Sunny

breezed through your blogs and i think i noticed one thing loud and clear, you need to be good to yourself and spend a little of the money on yourself to make it more pleasant and fun have earned it and believe me,,,your only young once.

canuck said...

Sunny, have you ever thought of buying a small condo or some sort of real estate, you are at the right age.

canuck said...

Hi Sunny, love your blogging on your investments , am taking my time going through it. I am hoping to buy Bell Aliant as it looks as if it keeps it's capital..i like that.


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