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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

John E. Irving (1932-2010)

I just learned that John E. Irving is dead. John E. Irving, also known under Jack Irving was a rich entrepreneur from New Brunswick, where I come from. John Irving had many businesses in different fields, including in translation with a company call Lexi-tech International. John Irving had interest in oil, gaz, among other, also houses construction or something like it. Anyone coming from New Brunswick knows John Irving. In a difficult economy, most of John Irving companies based in New Brunswick are giving work to hundreds if not thousands of New Brunswickers. So that’s why that in New Brunswick, John Irving was huge. John Irving had taken control over companies left by his father. In a certain way, we could compare the Irving Empire to the Rogers one. When it comes to Rogers, I never understood why it’s not one of Mr. Rogers’s children who took control of his business. Maybe they didn’t fell qualified….. lol. I know it’s not funny in a certain way. Anyhow……… John E. Irving was not a saint; he had created great deal of pollution in New Brunswick with his businesses. So when it comes to John E. Irving, I think he’s better dead than alive. Maybe the next CEO of the Irving companies will be more eco-friendly and more concentrate on ethic rules and be more human. There was a lot of favoritism in the Irving Empire. Just to name an example that I personally, when it come to Lexi-tech International, the person in charge of the Brossard (Quebec) office branch, a Quebecker, had her daughter working in the same Brossard office for the human resources. Her daughter wasn’t extremely well qualified to do the job. The only reason why she was there it’s because her mom – the director had name in charge of the human resources for her office. In his example, it’s a Quebecker who took advantage of her position. Should we be surprise? Quebeckers are so a big bunch of morons. There was a lot of that bullshit in the Irving Empire.

Anyhow, I never really care about John E. Irving after knowing this and after I learned that the daughter of the director of the Brossard office was working for someone in the human resources of a New Brunswick office somewhere and not for the mother-director of the Brossard office… I was like what the heck. See the bullshit again? The director of the Brossard office was a little obese woman in her fifties, extremely incompetent and secretly arrogant. See the picture?

Generally speaking, Quebeckers are just a big bunch of idiots trying to make the most of any kind of situation. Stupid enough to become a country of their own when they are one of the provinces with most high taxes ever. And not to mention that Quebec province is rolling over massive debt. While Quebec hospital maintenance and operation are so poor, Jean Charest go away in France trying to recruit some nurses. But which France nurse would be stupid enough to come to Canada when Switzerland is so close and offer much better work conditions? Switzerland had one of the best health systems in the word. So it’s all about a question of priorities and Jean Charest is just trying to escape the reality. Who in the world want to work in Quebec hospitals? Who would come here to become, after a couple of weeks, drain to dead. The working conditions in Quebec hospitals are horrible. Quebec hospitals are made for Quebeckers, so only Quebeckers should be working in Quebec hospitals. You can see Quebec lack of leadership – not willing to take care of things in there center. Fix your administration and after go recruit oversea. Way to go Jean Charest! Good job! lol…

One I had a fellow reader who suggested me to invest in the purchase of a small condo. I know she was thinking for good, but gees, I don’t want to become a slave of Quebec system. I am building my portfolio to be able to do what I want, whenever I want. I don’t want to become a Quebecker. Quebeckers are dumb enough to purchase houses and or condos that in reality do not even worth of half of the price worth. Why? Poor public education system and no real access to health care services. Living in Quebec province gives you a taste of what it is to live in a third world country. But just a taste, of course. I never been able to benefit of any health care while being in Quebec, but I never suffer from hunger... Quebec is a province slowly dying on itself. I want Quebeckers to fail as individuals and I want Quebec to fail as a country. And check them out because they are both going to fail miserably.

That’s what I had to say today about John E. Irving and Quebeckers. Both alike, in a certain way, with many things in common. But of course its my own point of view.

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