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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am now at 89 982.09$

This is just soooooo hilariouslyyyy funnyyyyy. I am just not even at 20$ away from my first 90 000$. To my savings of July 22, I add my latest paycheck which was of exactly 174.79$. Nice increase overall. Just my savings won’t be at the same amount at the end of the month because of payments that I need to make. So I really wanted to update my portfolio tonight because I taught I was there, at 90 000$. But life is funny in a way…… I am not there yet! lol…

For now, I am at 89 981.09$... I never did it, but I should include that 1$ I have deposit a while ago in my RBC banking account (just to keep the account open)…

So this make in real 89 982.09$... lol. I am now just missing 17.91$! I might have that money here at home because I have a lot of pennies here at home that I place in little plastic bags. But it’s not tonight that I am going to count all of my 1 cent, 5 cents etc… But I am pretty sure I might have at least 17.91$ in pennies. I just cannot say for sure. Anyhow, that was short!

I am now at a fantastic 89 982.09$ and I am a bit tired now, so good night.

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