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Saturday, July 17, 2010

July Vacations among the way

Few good things going on right now! I had been quite busy, but just at doing regular stuff. I am on vacations from my daytime job for the next 2 weeks. And do you know which famous personality is on vacations just right now too? Derek Foster! I guess Derek Foster is still cross-crossing the Canada from the West to the East coast or something likes it. Derek Foster might have the time of his life with his family right now! Other news from the famous, the Montreal writer Natalie McLennan is hosting an event in Toronto. Check it out right here.

I didn’t take a vacation for a very long time so this is going to be fun. I didn’t plan anything, if not a visit to the Botanic Garden and the Biodome among other. I will be staying in Montreal the whole time. Work is starting again next week at my weekend job. So I will be working during the weekends of my vacations but that’s all good. I could refused to come in, but I prefer to take whatever is presenting to me at this time and cash my vacations paycheck of my weekend job in a time where there will be a real lack of work… See what I mean? lol…

Basically, this mean I will have work for the upcoming weekends at my weekend job, as well as for the month of August. This week, I had deposit 2 000$ on my line of credit. A 50$ went as payment on the 4.9% credit card balance transfer…

And now, what about brand new 100 stocks of Corby Distilleries (CDL.A) in my investment portfolio?

I really like Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). I talk numerous time about reaching 1 000 units of Just Energy. At this point, I own more than 700 units of the marvelous. Just Energy Income Fund pay the awesome annual dividend of 1.24$ per unit. To this, add the special dividend of 0.20 cents per unit. Doesn’t sound much? Well, this represent 1.44$ per unit! So now you know why I am a Just Energy Income Fund fan! I can love Just Energy as much as I want, doesn’t change the fact that I need to diversify my portfolio. A while ago, I already planned to invest in another 100 stocks of Corby Distilleries (CDL.A) and now, it’s seem like the timing is right. Why do I plan to invest in 100 stocks of Corby Distilleries? Well, I already own 100 stocks of Corby Distilleries. I had been experimenting Corby Distilleries great value stability. I had purchased Corby Distilleries at 15.30$ per stock if I remember a couple of months ago. The value of Corby Distilleries never went above the 15$ per stock. So far, Corby Distilleries had brought great stability for my investment portfolio. Also, with my 100k goal, my portfolio is greatly in need of stability. I am still thinking about it at this time, but I might place my purchase order for 100 stocks of Corby Distilleries on Monday… I could had used the money for a vacation trip instead but I prefer to make another investment rather than going on a gateway. Fact is, things are going well, it’s not time to give up on things I like the most: my investments, of course.

Very beautiful day in Montreal. I wake up late this morning but I want to wake up early in the upcoming days. I should have planned myself better for my vacations period on things to do and stuff, but I didn’t. I didn’t see my vacations period coming. It took me by surprise. Time is passing by and next month at the end of August, I will be turning 30. I am getting older, even if 30 still young, but it doesn’t really change anything. I would like a 90 000$ for August. Next pay, I should get my 2 weeks vacations pay and this week pay, I hope. I should also get a little extra for my annual raise. It won’t be too much, but all combine together, I should be able to pay off my expenses for the month of August. August, last summer month, my birthday... Will August be the month of my first 90 000$? I wish it will. Could seem crazy, this all investment game, but I really want that 100 000$ in assets! YEAHHHHH

This would leave around 400$ in cash on my line credit or something like it and I have 530$ I have to pay by June 30 on my RBC credit card… Yes…… 530$ in basic expenses. I had spent way too much, but it’s the summer after all. And the month of July is not even over yet!

Reward program at work

At work, we have a reward program and this month, I got full of points because of my sales. I had targeted a few things I could buy. So I have to choose between the following: a blender, rice cooker and 3 movie tickets OR those Swarovski earrings and necklace. I just love the 0 design in the jewelry. I saw before the earrings at the Bay and always like them. So guess I am taking the jewelry! Combine together and after taxes, the gift worth around 230$. So I will be working wearing beautiful jewelries that worth more than what I earn in a single day of work! But they might look good for a job interview. When it comes to Swarovski, I always think of Natalie McLennan. In her book, she described a scene where we find multiple Swarovski chandeliers… Her book is very good for what she’d been thought.

Big time for my dividend!

I had received some dividend payments lately. I had received 29.68$ in dividend from Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN), 58.80$ from Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) and 54.47$ from Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN). YLO.UN and PIF.UN dividend had DRIP, but not PBH. As advertised on their Web site, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) has suspended the DRIP for an indefinite period. It’s the reason why I currently have 77$ in cash in my broker account.

Other than cleaning my place and do my laundry, I plan to work on articles for HubPages. I am very close to my online money maker payout and a 100$ would be more than welcome!

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