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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And what about a 50 198$ value in my non registered stocks & units online portfolio?

Yesterday, something very special happen. My non registered investment portfolio of stocks and units reached the 50 198$! When I saw the amount I couldn’t believe my eyes! WOWW! This is the highest value reach ever for my non registered stocks and units portfolio. I always say that once I reach 50 000$ in my non registered portfolio, that day will be special… I always wanted to be there. So now I am there. No today, but I was there yesterday.

There’s currently overtime available at my job so I finished work very late yesterday and arrived home late. I just took the time to take a quick look at my portfolio… And there it was, it was there, the magic number was there! It’s really too bad I didn’t have time to update my portfolio yesterday. On date of yesterday, I may had been around 90 500$ in total assets or something it probably. I am always good at telling at around which level I am at by looking at the TSX. Today the TSX lost a couple of points, but nothing major. I am at 49 900$ something right now.

I am really working hard right now because since overtime is available, I may be able to make my next investment by the end of the month. And this is very exciting. I am also very close to my 100$ payout for my online earnings. So that’s pretty cool too because I would very like to purchase a pair of Gisele Bundchen sandals (can a pair of her sandals make me look like her, please!! lol) and a new pair of running shoes. I won’t be able to purchase both with 100$ but still. By encouraging The Dividend Girl, by visiting my advertisers, you make things possible you know. Earning a couple of 100$ per year by working online is kind of nice. I will be celebrating my 30th birthday by the end of the month and it will be awesome if I could make another investment just before hitting 30th you know, just to say to myself ok, I might be working at some extraordinary boring jobs (no offense but that’s how my jobs are lol) – but at least, I am f***** rich! LOL!!!! And you know what, I have a feeling I am going to be able to make that investment of 100 new units in David + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) really soon! Call me stupid, call me dumb, I couldn’t be more careless. I am going to make it anyway, even after being laid off by BMO Bank of Montreal. Finance stuff is just a matter of touch and sense. If your heart is good and understands the basic, you can do better than anyone else (even me lol) and I am at a point where I begin to think that I am pretty good at the investment game. It’s all about following the right person. In my case, Derek Foster books had been pretty useful and I have to say, that’s where the extraordinary all begin. And thinking about it, Derek Foster is such an angel, for the way he answered people on the Canadian Business forum. Always cheerful, always polite, so professional. Whenever I want to say f*** you to a customer or/and hang up on them lol!!!, I think of Derek Foster and his kindness. He’s so professional and a good person. Such so the complete opposite of who I am. F Quebeckers will have to apologize me and F BMO Bank of Montreal employees who had decided to lay off me would have to eat shit one of these days. That’s really all. Because I really begin to think that I am pretty good at everything I do and those F of Quebeckers and BMO Bank of Montreal will have to get use to it. That’s really all. I am sooo terribly sorry. I am being sooo bad. But I am really telling the true. The customers I am dealing with at my job in a call center? I am just trying not to yell at them.

I have someone at work who catch me looking at the TSX and stocks and he joke around. I didn’t talk about it too much. I don’t want to take openly about my portfolio and my money, this being to protect myself. The world we live in being what it is, you better careful, especially with Quebeckers. So told me why you don’t study accountability to understand more of what you do? I told him: “yeah, that’s a great idea. But you know, I only look at the index because I love everything related to finance. That’s really all.” I am such a liar. But you know, I might not have the big diplomas in finance, but I perfectly know what I am doing. The 50 198$ in my non registered stocks + units portfolio of yesterday is the living proof of that. I am just that good. One day you’ll have to stop reading this blog because if not, you’ll catch all the tips and tricks all for free and BMO Bank of Montreal financial planners will all be laid off. Just like that. I just have to get over it one of those days you know but Bank of Montreal + Quebeckers + me = a lot of shit. That’s all I have to say. Just one beer and I am already drunk. It’s all what it take me. ONE BEER. :)


canuck said...

Sunny, u give me smiles everytime i read your blogs, i just love it. as far as what u know in investments doesn't matter all that much...even the top dogs picked Manulife. you have nearly a hundred grand by the time your many 30 year olds can say that...get those sandals NOW.

Sunny said...


Anonymous said...

Haha. Je vais faire part tes commentaires à Derek en fin de semaine prochaine... juste pour le taquiner un peu. Franchement! C'est un bon gars... mais pas à ce point là!
Bonne chance avec tes 100 unités de DHF... et du crédit pas cher!

Anonymous said...

En passant... déménage à Gatineau -le meilleur des deux mondes (Ottawa l'autre coté de la rivière) et moins de québécois agaçant (j'pense, en tout cas)... et plus de job (viens travailler pour les Canadiens, au fédéral). Je t'inviterai à un barbecue chez nous... et tu pourras jaser avec Derek (c'est un ami depuis looooongtemps).


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