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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brad Pitt was in Montreal today and I got my credit line!

I hear it on the radio. Brad Pitt had been seen on St Catherine today. Isn’t that hot? But I have even better news: I got approve for my credit line! Yeah! I finally apply for some credit this past Monday and I had been approved for a 10 000$ line of credit at 7.25% on today.

The interest rate is relatively ok. I guess my credit score is medium because I hold many debts and my salary is not quite extremely good, and on top of that, I don’t own my place. So all those things mix all together, it’s making it difficult to get a lower interest rate. At first, I got rejected and I argue, and I finally got it! So this is very good because this way, I am going to be able to pay off the balance on my CIBC credit card. The balance was at a special interest rate due to a credit card balance transfer. The special interest rate at 3.9% is expiring on September 6. This is a balance of something like 1 200$. Not that much, but I certainly do not have the money to pay off the balance at this time. Also in January, I have an 8 000$ at a special interest of something like 4.9% that will expire (also a result of a credit card balance transfer). I was in great need of a solution, so better now than ever.

So now, it’s going to be much better because I know I won’t have to sell my investment to pay off my debt. It’s all going very well and the last thing on earth I wanted is to actually sell my investment. It’s something I wanted to avoid. Between now and January, I can use my new credit line to pay off my other credit line, the one being at 8.25% interest rate. That’s a 5 000$ right there. And on September 5th, I will be paying my CIBC Visa. Before requesting my credit line, I call CIBC Visa to see if it was possible to get another credit card balance transfer, but I was told to wait until September 1, to see if a new offer will show up… But the way it was going, I knew nothing was going to happen. I guess that with CIBC Visa, it was a one time deal.

I have to get my paper ready for tomorrow and I guess it will be it! I should get it right away. I am just very happy. This Friday is my birthday and it will be a very happy one. It’s almost too much stuff for me at this time with my overtime and everything else but you know, you’re an investor or your not one, one or the either. lol…

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