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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome again EnCana Corporation (ECA), 200 new stocks of ECA in my investment portfolio

Today I wake up early, but not early enough to do everything I wanted to do. I did a couple of transactions but I am looking forward to complete everything tomorrow morning. I would like to have more time for myself or at least get a complete one day off but it’s just impossible at this time. It’s only when I am very busy that things are taking a powerful turn.

My investment portfolio is doing better than ever. My non registered stocks and units portfolio is now at a splendid 50 618.55$. I currently had paid off my TD credit line. Once my TD Visa at 4.9% will expired in January, I will use the money of my TD credit line to pay off the currently close to 8 000$ balance I currently hold on the TD Visa. Yeah, I know, I will be missing a 3 000$ to pay it all right but... I currently own an extra 4 262.14$ that I can use for investment purposes… I am thinking of 200 stocks of EnCana Corporation (ECA)… This represent a 6 000$ investment on which I can make an easy 2 000$ profit. I could be wrong – but even the Globe say it – it’s a good time to buy EnCana Corporation (ECA). So I decide to go for it and add 200 stocks of EnCana Corporation in my portfolio. Yeah, I know, the bad girl that I am will be taking a bit on its TD credit line to make the investment but hey, I have to take the money out of somewhere, and it’s definitively not in my banking account that I am going to be able to please myself lol. But I plan to work on paying pack my TD credit line as soon as possible; I wouldn’t like to be too much in deep in debts. At this point, it’s reasonable and I only have the interest to pay on my new RBC credit line so I should be just fine.

This EnCana Corporation (ECA) is going to be one of the last investments of 2010 I guess. If I am lucky enough, I should be able to later on make that investment in Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN). The way things are going is quite funny because I had been talking for a long time about these extra 100 units of Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) I wanted to make… but….. Seem like the plan had change! 200 stocks of EnCana Corporation won’t add that much in my dividend earning. But here, I am adding EnCana for its growth potential and you should do the same, if you want a good advice. Everyone free to do whatever they want with their money but passing by this awesome opportunity would be just like too dumb. Of course I could be wrong, but just wait for the good old Canadian winter to come ahead in a few months and you’ll see….. Easy profit, easy money and EnCana Corporation at less than 30$ per stock is just one of those things – you can’t continue without it. This being said, I am getting ready to make my order purchase – this investment should bring my portfolio to somewhere close to the 97 000$...

Am I very close to the 100 000$ in assets or very close to bankruptcy? What do you think? There’s stuff like that who were just mean to be. So go for it! Go purchase some EnCana Corporation stocks now and if you don’t have any money left, no problem – just do like me – open a credit line with RBC Royal Bank and don’t worry about anything ok. :0)

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