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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My last week as a 29 years old

Just 2 other investments and I am done with the stock market.

This week pass by quite nicely. Too bad it had to rain this weekend. I took a nice rest even if I was working. I got plenty of time to think about my investment and stuff and I came with a little plan for the upcoming months. So far so good, I had been able to follow what had been planned and I hope this time won’t be an exception. First, my credit line request… I had been talking about it for about 2 weeks now, but I didn’t take time to actually call and make my request. So I am at the same point regarding my new credit request. That’s the really first thing I need to take care of tomorrow. I would like to get a good 10 000$ credit line at least. Ok, so my CIBC credit card I have to pay soon is at something like 1 200$ only. But I am thinking for January… In January the special offer I have on my TD credit card for 8 000$ will expired and it’s going to be the same thing over and over again. Problem after problem after problem. Investing using money available on credit card balance is nice for the time it last, but on a long term basis, it’s annoying. But using credit card balance transfer to invest in Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) was one of the brightest ideas I ever come with. It’s going on pretty well and the last thing on earth I want to do is to sell my units. More credit is not the solution of course but you know, poor people have debt and I am quite poor actually. The 90 000$ and something is just an illusion of richness. But I love the illusion anyway.

Sometimes, an individual had to take responsibility for itself despite the risk, despite the recession and despite everything you could imagine. Despite my sometimes distrustful colleagues, despite a bad job situation, despite my relatively poverty. I am the perfect example that things are possible despite everything you can imagine. All of this is happening to show that the stock market, in reality, it’s belong to small investors, it’s belong to New Brunswickers and everyone else with a soul and mind working well together. I just want to add that this week, I have overtime, so I will try to do the maximum hours I can. It went well last week, it should also go fine this week. Oh and also that later on this week it’s going to be my birthday…. lol. :0)

I will be able to make my next investment beginning of September. As plan, it’s going to be 100 units of DHF.UN. After what, I plan to make another investment in BA.UN, 100 units of BA.UN, in order to benefit from the DRIP. Those might be my 2 last investments. Not that I don’t plan to invest anymore. Problem being that even at this time, my portfolio feel complete. I do not feel the necessity to invest in stocks anymore. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the need is not there anymore, not as much as it was before. So this will close my stock investment – not forever, but just for a little while. While waiting for my stock fever to come back, I will be investing in ETFs. Did you know, some ETF pays a monthly distribution and other pay an annual one? It’s the case of Claymore Gold Bullion who had pay, at least for last year, an annual distribution. ETFs distribution can be as interesting as the one offer by stocks. Here’s where Questrade is coming into action: I plan to open a Questrade online broker account to invest is non registered ETFs. Even while having around 70 000$ at TD Waterhouse, I still have to pay 29$ per trade. It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I am willing to open an account at Questrade. At 9.99$ or so per trade, I am going to have a lot of fun with ETFs – it’s coming to be a bit in here, and there, and here again, and there again…. Just the way I like to do things. The US economy is not that great. Canadian one is relatively stable but I have to say I worry and at this point as I said, my portfolio is complete and I don’t have anything left in mind in the sense that I don’t want anymore. I couldn’t be more clear about it: I am feeling complete, despite I am not at 100 000$ in assets yet and despite the fact that I don’t have enough to live on dividend. I cannot explain it, but I guess 90 400$ and something is already a great deal of money for me. I guess my feeling is coming from there. From the fact that I am basically at where I want to be at this time. So it’s not bad as feeling isn’t? Better than my hate for Quebeckers, that’s for sure. Taught that people from New Brunswick were poor and bad at investing? Guess you got it all wrong… So stay tune because things are getting wilder as I am getting close to 30th and close to my 100 000$ assets. That’s pretty much about it for not if not that I am also planning to job search in September, trying to bring more cash in the house to fly to my first 150 000$. I just wonder how I will feel with 150 000$ in my pockets.

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