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Friday, August 27, 2010

I am now 30 years old!

Yeahhhhh happy birthday to meeeeeeee! I am now 30 years old and feeling great! I am witting this post in a hurry because I had to write down something on my birthday! It's been a busy week. I did a few extra hours at my daytime work. I am also working at my weekend job. I am going to a friend concert this Saturday. I am just sooooo tired and I am just feeling like staying home... I had that new credit line at 10 000$ at less than 8% interest rate. This is saving my life. My credit card balance driving were giving me a headache but now, my life is save. Who had save my life? RBC did.

This been that I could use that 10 000$ to make a new investment and than voilà, my 100 000$ would be reached... But I prefer to "play" safe lol.... Which mean that I am going to wait to make new investment. I am not looking to increase my level of debt. My new 10 000$ credit line is not money to invest, its life saver money.
It's seem like the TSX did quite well today so I will be updating my portfolio this weekend. So many things on the way. I just can't believe another month had pass and that I am now 30.... and rich :)

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Ron said...

Happy Brithday Sunny. Best of lucks with your investments


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