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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am spending too much

I did around 10 hours today at work. I am going try to get up early tomorrow and begin earlier. I should be good for at least a 1 000$ paycheck. For laptop, I could afford it, but only if I work 14 hours for the 3 upcoming days! So I don’t know what I will be doing. But a laptop purchase is really not important at this time, even if it was supposed to be my birthday gift. The problem is that I am spending too much. I am already at 350$ in expenses on my BMO credit card that I only use for its AirMiles (and the month is not over yet!). I also have a 163$ to pay on my RBC Visa by the end of the month. And just to make things worst, I now have a 112$ to pay at TD Waterhouse for my RSP account… I am going to take care of this one tomorrow morning because it’s bringing my account to -112$ since I don’t hold any cash in my online broker account. Some TD Waterhouse staff is so bad, they could some of my stocks or units just to pay their administrative fee! For once, I have a good reason to wake up early and after passing by a TD Canada Trust branch, I should be able to go to work… Lot of expenses to cover, but I should be able to make it. For tomorrow, I am waiting a 365$ paycheck. And my next week paycheck should be of at least 1 000$. From the way things are looking, there could be some overtime available next week also at my daytime job. I could be able to make my next investment in September, but not by the end of August, probably not. I am just a bit confused about it at this time. After all, I had been working 10 hours today (I usually only work 5.5 hours per day at my daytime job!). I didn’t have anytime to apply for a credit line or see my options to cover my CIBC Visa debt. I try to call RBC on Monday, but the delay was too long. I have a 1 232.57$ at 3.9% that is going to expire in September. I could pay it off by not doing my next investment. But… I didn’t give up yet on my 100k. Being pack of all kind of debt does not bother me at all and I don’t agree with people when they say I should pay debt instead of investing. I am building my future financial situation here. Why should I care about paying debt? My portfolio is doing well. I was just surprise today when I saw EnCana Corporation (ECA) at 29$... (usually it’s around 33$...). Also CDL.A that is currently below 15.30$. Other than that, the portfolio is just the way I like it, pretty stable. I got those 2 French comments on my blog that I decide not to post because they were written in French. Quebeckers can be so arrogant, thinking that they have the right to post comments in French on my blog. So typically Quebecker. It was about a guy saying that he knows Derek Foster (but we all know Derek Foster!!!) lol. And the guy was saying I should move to Gatineau (which is located close to Ottawa) and work for federal agencies, that I could be less annoy by Quebeckers… Well, I work before in Ottawa and it was full of stupid Quebeckers and between Ottawa and Montreal, Montreal is way much better because yes, there’s Quebeckers here but there’s a lot of people like myself coming from outside Quebec. Montreal is more multicultural and I met great people here. Ottawa-Gatineau is full of Quebeckers and part of the reason why federal government does not perform too well it’s because it’s too full of Quebeckers, doing nothing at all. Canadians are paying the big price for a unite Canada and it does not worth it. Not with those hypocrites voting for Duceppe but working in senior positions in federal agencies. I had been there, I worked in many agencies through staffing agencies and I am able to tell, Quebeckers are killing this country. I have many stories to tell and I may have the time to write about those another time. To get more deeper into the specific see.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Sorry for posting what I thought was helpful, friendly advice. I posted in French... because that's your first language... and mine too.
You often complain about quebecois... so I suggested a move. Gatineau is great. Montreal too... but it was just a suggestion. Geez... work less!, you're getting moody.


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