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Monday, August 30, 2010

I am now thirty, show me the cash

I knew I was gaining some points on August 27, but I never taught I was going to exceed the 90 000. On date of August 27, 2010 (which was my birthday) I reached 91 007.42$ in assets. At this point, the overall is getting even more interesting. Better than ever actually! And this had happened on the day of my 30 birthday. My new credit line at an interest rate of 7.27% is now from my RBC banking account and I am looking forward to make a couple of transactions, I hope for tomorrow morning:

-pay off my CIBC Visa (the credit card balance on my 1 200$ balance is expiring on September 6);
-My credit card balance transfer of 8 000$ at an interest rate of 4.9% at TD is only expiring in January 2010. In the meantime, I can use the money to pay off my TD credit card. The interest rate on my TD credit line is at 8.25%. I will save a 0.98% in interest rate. Nothing much but sill, a penny saves is a penny save.

After those 2 transaction, I will have left 3 800$ available. I was thinking about investing in 100 stocks of EnCana Corporation (ECA). At this time, EnCana Corporation is at a super low price (around 29$). Usually, ECA is at 35$. EnCana represents a great opportunity and I think I may be able to make a nice profit out of this one. Later on this month, I am hoping for an investment of 100 units in Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN).

My projects are going on quit great. Still overtime available at work and I am hoping for another close to 1 000$ paycheck for next week. Just a bit tired for now because a lot had happened at the same time and I am just happy that I had been able to update my portfolio (I knew I was up!) and also clean my place, which really need it. I am just missing my laundry but its already pass midnight and I have to wake up early tomorrow (or I will try to…). It’s always hard for me to wake up early on a Monday morning as I am working all weekend long, but still those annoying things to do like cleaning and stuff. As I am getting older, I prefer my place to be clean. Might be a sign of what so ever maturity. And I also now prefer to wear clean clothes everyday... ;)

Good night, my bed is waiting for me.

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