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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Special Edition!

I went to the Boxing Day today. I took my time to wake up as I stay up late yesterday night, trying to work on some HubPages. I think I will be good to hit the 100 HubPages by the end of the year, but it required a lot of work. I am just missing 16 HubPages before reaching the 100.

Earlier today, I walk down through boulevard St-Laurent and went straight to the Eaton Centre. I arrived pass noon. Some stores where open, other not. I had some prepaid credit card that I got from work. I didn't even use it up. Reason why being that those prepaid credit card, American Express ones, are not being taking everywhere. And also, I didn't spend that much. I had one emergency purchase that I needed: a new purse. The one I had was ok, but I had a problem with the zipper. My purse wasn't closing properly anymore and for a little why I had to be extra careful with it. Anyhow, I won't have that headache anymore as I get a nice big one for less than 25$.

Boxing Day was great. I purchase one of my favorite sweetheart jeans at Old Navy for only 20$. I also purchase some new tops. Gap was ok, but nothing too much interesting. I did Reitmans, Body Shop. And it was it, but certainly enough. It was crack of people downtown Montreal but it was nice. After what I went saw the latest Natalie Portman movie, the Black Swan. Beautiful movie, very fascinating but also very deep, mysterious and crazy at the same time, not to say disturbing. I have no clue Natalie Portman was a ballet dancer. She's an actress, but I guess she could be a full-time ballet dancer if she wanted.

As you may have notice, I am now at 123586.51$ in assets. This represent an increase of 1 117.75$ - without new investment being made. Could I wish for a better Christmas gift than an extra 1 117.75$ in my pocket? No, I don't think so... If not a little cat ;o)

On top of that, I had received a 81.54$ in dividend and I just can't wait to call TD Waterhouse tomorrow to find out what I had received. Very soon, next month or so, I won't have the same problem. It's frustrating to not be able to see my dividend deposit because I cannot update my dividend section of my blog. I love receive dividend. Dividend + earning money online is a nice way to create a passive income. But as for now, my project is to reach the 100 articles on HubPages so got to go!

    (My new purse!)


Causalien said...


Good job on your dividend income strategy working out for you. I have not yet met a woman with ambition like yours.

Don't get me wrong. My world is usually filled with guys for the obvious ego related reasons.

Sunny said...

Hi Causalien, thanks for passing by! 2010 had been a good year, and 2011 will be EXTRA. Or hope it will. I never have enough of those dividends. I am getting more and more ambitious as months are passing by and that portfolio of mine just keep growing. Ambitious is a secret power.

canuck said...

Hi Sunny

if i was going out to adopt a young daughter , it would be YOU. i love your blogs, your sense of humour and of course...your money sense. the bag you posted is very nice and made me smile for how long you waited for it...guess that is how one appreciates things..your amazing.


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