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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Natalie McLennan received a light sentence from the Supreme Court in Manhattan

Today, I got my hours cut at work as I was told I have to finish my shift earlier. This is the second time in 3 years of work it’s happening to me. I am not really use to this. When I wake up this morning, I told myself that if it was cold outside, I was going to purchase a metro pass for the month of December. I didn’t purchase a metro pass since last May, this making a difference for me as it make be doing exercise and make me save 70$ per month in my everyday budget. So I prepare myself to go to work and, when outside, the weather was not cold at all. Well, not as cold as it can be in winter. So I didn’t purchase my metro pass today and I am very glad I didn’t purchase it. Why? Well with those hours of work being cut, I prefer to walk rather than spending 70$ on a metro pass that I cannot even afford. Well, that’s quick talking because I could purchase it without any hurt, because I am so happy I didn’t purchase a metro pass this morning! 

This was a sad day for me and 14 other of my colleagues, but it was a harder one for Natalie McLennan. Today, Natalie McLennan, a Montreal native, appears to the Supreme Court in Manhattan related to her 2005 aerostation. According to the New York Times, Natalie McLennan had pleaded guilty of attempted money laundering in the fourth degree and sentenced to time served. This confused me at first because Natalie McLennan had previously appeared to court and had spent time in prison. That was before the publication of her book. 

Back at the time, Natalie McLennan had to spend 30 days in prison and had to pay a 25 000$ bail. From my understanding, Natalie McLennan had been sentence today to spend 20 days in jail. Like if what she went through wasn’t enough already. But this makes the end of the saga and we should wish her well. She was smiling and wasn’t wearing any makeup, while leaving court. I think Natalie McLennan will be just fine. She’s the writer of a book where she shared her experience, very well writing (nothing like this blog lol!) and captivating. Thinking about escorting? Read Natalie McLennan book first. It should change your mind.

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