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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fortis (FTS) dividend payment for December 2010

I had received Fortis (FTS) dividend just.. now! I had received 29.96$ in dividend income. After being send home early today at home, its feel good to have a little extra coming from heaven. I knew I was going to received something from Fortis (FTS) this month, but I didn’t know exactly when. Fortis is one of those good Canadian dividend paying stocks. I don’t know exactly when I will be able to buy stocks online anytime soon, but while remaining uncertain, I will certainly enjoy my latest dividend payment.

While I have to leave work earlier because of a lack of work, I wrote articles for HubPages, which was very fun. Do you know Maryse Ouellet? She’s a professional wrestler, born in Montreal. When I was younger, my dad use to listen to wrestling show and I never understood too well what wrestling was all about. And to tell the true, I don’t know any better now. I always find wrestling very entertaining anyhow. But at the same time, I find it very act. So when I read that Maryse Ouellet suffers of many injuries (broken nose, knees problem etc) in her wrestling career, I ask myself: are wrestlers really fighting or those injuries happen by accidents? I think that’s part of the wrestling myth. Well it is for me. 

I hope to be able to make a few pennies with my online article. I would like to reach the 100 HubPages by the end of the year. If they continue to cut my hours at work, I certainly be able to reach the 100... Better laugh about it, right. If you like to support my work, please visit my HubPages section, right here.


Arunan said...

I checked your porfolia, you some portion of BA.UN (Bell Aliant Regional Communitns Incm Fd). Small advise, they are going to cut their dividend by next year. Please do some reasearch on BA.UN.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arunan, the reason why Bell Aliant's distribution is being reduced for 2011 is because they are converting from an income trust to a corporation. The distributions, which are normally taxed as "other income", will now be considered dividends and thus benefit from favourable tax treatment.


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