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Friday, December 17, 2010

Public offering of Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN): I am in!

I didn't hear about it for about 2 days, but today was the day, I had been able to invest in 200 units of Horizons Gold and I just cannot wait to actually have them in my investment portfolio. I am not working this weekend, so I will be able to publish an update of my online stock trading accounts.

This is my second day under margin. I am getting use to it pretty quickly. It's just that the whole thing had bring a lot of changes in my online stock trading accounts. I gave a quick call to TD Waterhouse investor services just to find if everything was in order, and it was. Margin can appears as being complicated at first, but it's truly not.

Buying stocks on margin? I won't recommend to massively use margin accounts money to invest. In my case, only 2 000$ had been borrowed from my margin to invest. Just to keep my peace of mind, I don't plan to use 30% of the margin money available. So all this combine together, not use more than 30%, use margin to mostly pay existing debt is for me playing on the safe side. Also, I almost only hold line of credit loans (but none of them is actually a refinance home equity line of credit. Since I am not a home owner, I won't qualify to get a low interest home equity loan). This mean that I hold renewable credit. In case of need, I can reapply the money back to the margin accounts.

So thanks to the Dividend Lover (he's the debt busters who provide me the idea of using margin money to pay off some debt at a higher interest rate), my 5 000$ line of credit at 8.75% is paid off. At 8.75%, I wasn't holding one of the best line of credit rates there is out there. I currently has used 7 000$ of my margin money available.

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