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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fabulous profit for the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund of Sprott Asset Management

Very good day for online stock market investing! I am close to the 95 000$ alone in my online broker day trading! My non registered stock investment portfolio is now at 71 343$ alone! Those are very great news. I just came to work. I would very like to publish an update of my online investment portfolio but I am just very exhausted at this time. I am looking forward to do extra hours at work and it’s requested all of my patience, but I am keep my mind set up on my next investment and it help me going. I don’t know for sure what my next investment will be like.

I didn’t find out about Horizons Gold Trust yet as I had been quite busy. But great news, my Sprott Canadian Equity Fund from Sprott Asset Management is now from my retirement savings. My investment had jump from a 7 040$ to 7 323.23$ in just one day. I had been so terribly lucky because if I would have waited to do the transfer, I would have needed to pay taxes on capital gains on a 283$ profit... Lucky girl... The timing was just so perfect. As an online commodity broker, TD Waterhouse had been very good to me, transferring from the tax free saving account to Canadian non registered account and again from the Canadian non registered account to RRSP... Within 2 days... Way to go TD Waterhouse. Pushing it right to the top with my online broker day trading TD Waterhouse.

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