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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Tourist with Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie

It was great! Very fun movie! Angelina Jolie is so perfectly sophisticated. And Johnny Deep stunning and funny. I don't understand the bad critics over the film: maybe it is some jealousy? Really, I don't know. I also went saw the last Harry Potter recently. I really like as well. 

My online earnings are going well. I think it's the Maryse Ouellet effect lol... Thanks to my generous readers, I am very close to the 200$! I would like to reach the 200$ by the end of the month and even better, I would like to reach 200$ every month. With my low budget, an extra 200$ per month will make me more than happy. I didn't stick to the minimum budget I advertise in the previous post lately, but I could really make a living under 1 200$ per month.

I reached the 97 000$ mark in my TD Waterhouse broker account. I am just missing 3 000$ before hitting the 100 000$! Would that be enough to have a President account with TD Waterhouse? With a President account, I could get the margin at 3.5%.... Interesting! Do I have what it take to have a President account with TD Waterhouse? I doubt, but it doesn't cost anything to ask, even anonymously...

Remember the investment I want to do in the Horizons Gold Yield Fund? Since TD wasn't list for the public, it make it a bit more complicated but I hope it turn well. I should know by tomorrow. I will keep you post as always ;0))

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