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Monday, December 6, 2010

Eric Sprott next big thing: Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U)

Eric Sprott is a genius and genius you are if you had follow my move of early November 2010 in the Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U)! Yep, silver is the next big thing, and I was good enough to follow Eric Sprott drive.

And here am I: at a point of the day, if I would have sold my investment in the Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U), I would have made close to 500$ in profit! Do I make 500$ in one day of work? NO. Of course not. But when investing on the stock market, the possibilities are endless, especially if you are bright enough to follow Eric Sprott footsteps. And trust me, I am following Eric Sprott and Sprott Inc. (SII) very closely.I don’t plan to sell my Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) units anytime soon. So get ready for awesome profit. And I need those awesome profits. Remember our investment in Timminco (TIM) that makes me loose more than 4 000$? Timminco (TIM) used to be Eric Sprott and Jean-François Tardif little favourite. But it’s not more, I guess. I am slowly recovering from my lost in Timminco and very soon, all sign of money lost will disappear. You can trust me on that one!

Personally, I do not have anything against Timminco (TIM). When reading about Timminco (TIM), I find the company very great. I think Timminco (TIM) got really hurt by the financial crisis that we are still living in. I could say the same thing about Hanwei Energy Services (HE). I still have faith in Timminco (TIM), but if you ask me to choose between Timminco (TIM) or Hanwei Energy Services (HE), I pick Hanwei Energy Services (HE).

Things will only get better for Hanwei Energy Services (HE). I trully belive in this company that I had been holding since... (?) a little while now. Today only, Hanwei Energy Services (HE) had gain more than 5%!!! Go Hanwei Energy Services (HE) go! There’s still a long way to go before Hanwei Energy Services reach its old 2$ per stock, but I am confident that – one day – lol... – we will be back there. Until that time, I am sticking to Hanwei Energy Services (HE)!

Once reading Rob Carrick of the Globe and Mail, one of his article made be believe that the guy doesn’t have a clue of what he is talking about when he write about investments and the stock market. In one of his article, he said something like you shouldn’t be ashamed of being a stick and hold investor... like what??? Buying and selling-buying and selling-buying and selling again is something for the big players who want to ruin the TSX! But at the end, it doesn’t mean that they make that much money fooling around with the stock market. Stick and hold is the way to go for small investors. Stick and hold investor type are among the most powerful and reliable investors. It’s not only a question of money; it’s a question of holding what you believe in. There’s no shame to have in being that type of investors. I am a stick and hold investor and today, my investment portfolio reach 72 422.27$. That’s an increase of 967.15$ compare to December 2, our latest investment portfolio update... Now, try to find someone on the Web who beat me.... lol...

A stick and hold strategy represent as much work as a buy and sell one as it require investors to closely follow the investments they hold. During the day while working – thank to my newest iPod, I can easily follow the market and quickly give a look at my holding to verify is everything is ok. I check the market a couple of times during the day. But usually, with the type of holding I have, everything fine, especially when it come to the investment of 2010.

Rob Carrick and other pals (we could add BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO) to the list of course because they really don't have it at all) can seem to be very knowledgeable because they publish and are publicly out there but don’t let anyone fool you, not even Eric Sprott.

Eric Sprott makes me loose thousands of dollars with his Timminco (TIM). I don’t blame him directly, but he was one of the biggest investor stars publicly supporting Timminco. I made the decision to invest in Timminco because I wanted to make money and in return, I got burn. So when Eric Sprott says that he mostly has gold and silver in his portfolio, I reserved myself to doubt about a gold and silver only portfolio. Investing in gold and silver is good, but gold and silver, like the rest, represent some investment risk.

You shouldn’t never forget that all investments you made are subject to risk, no matter how good they can seem. Gold and silver are stuff – among other – that I am willing to add to my portfolio, but just among other.

Anyhow, less seriously, if you are living in Montreal, winter is now in, we have that beautiful snow and I am still without a metro pass. It’s going to be fun going home in all that snow. Now that winter had kicked in, EnCana Corporation (ECA) that I hold in my online broker day trading finally starts to gain value. I would like a 35$ per stock. But no matter what happen, stick to EnCana Corporation it could go back to the old 60$ per stock.

Tomorrow, I am getting margin ready. Cha-cha-cha.

I had an appointment at 8am at TD Waterhouse to open my margin account. I just hope for a straight forward appointment and I hope the TD Waterhouse representative will do the job properly without comments or being pejorative. It’s not always easy to deal with Quebec people. You know, those Quebeckers. But of course, I will get back to you with all the details!

And talking about Quebeckers, I thing that Jean Charest is a perfect representative for Quebec population: a human liar, just as the Quebec population itself. So it make me laugh hard when I listing to Amir Khadir speech, asking Jean Charest to resign. Why Jean Charest should gave up his position of Quebec leader when he’s doing the job so well! When I read that a popular TV French show Tout le monde en parle, Jean Charest said that he believe he’s going a great job and is willing to complete his term as a Prime Minister, I taught: Quebeckers had what they deserved. And it’s not even yet, as Quebec provincial tax is going to increase of 1%... Quebec province is so well manage that its leaders had to increase the provincial tax to make thing happen. That’s Quebec leadership at its best. And Jean Charest is a good Prime Minister for Quebec province. He’s the best of all! Amir Khadir has to stop talking.

And what about Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN)?

December 17, 2010. That’s the date you need to remember. December 17, 2010 seem to be the deadline for the public offering for Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN). And of course, I am getting into it! As I wrote previously, the minimum investment required is 1 000$. Once the margin account will be open, I expect to use 2 000$ of it to invest in the Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN). But I will get more details about this investment tomorrow as well. Those were for the general news.

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