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Monday, July 18, 2011

Big bucks to be made on First Majestic Silver Corp (FR)

I am currently in vacations in New Brunswick and I am having a great time. Since last Saturday when I arrived, the weather had been beautiful. I had been trying to relocate here in New Brunswick and today, my mom asked me, but if you move back here (X town in New Brunswick), won’t you miss Montreal? After all I gone through there, it would be a blessing for me to relocate. Quebec province is very evil and Quebeckers suck in all possible ways. So why should I stay in a province where I am not even respected as an individual? Ask me why.

Since I have access to the Internet, I follow up on my investments even while being here. I like to see Sprott Inc. (SII) to gain in value. Atlantic Power Corp (ATP), as well as WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN), are performing very well.

But among my best performers of the time, we find First Majestic Silver Corp (FR). Back in May, my initial investment in FR was of 1 943.99$. FR closed today sessions at a very impressive 23.48$. I could make a profit of more than 300$ by selling FR. This is quite tempting to do at this time knowing that I would eventually need to pay my vacation expenses by next month...

BUT, I truly believe that First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) has potential to gain even more in value and that’s why I am not moving on it right now. But these last couple days had been quite exciting for silver investment. So far so good, my margin account has still more than 22k available. I can breathe. At least for now.

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