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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Best-Performing Canadian Stocks Year-to-Date

Difficult to realize, but already half of 2011 just passed by just like that, just way too quickly! So far, 2011 had been a very good year. My dividend had increased significantly and I can easily see myself earning the equivalent of 700$ per month from dividend income I wish, by the end of 2011. But the dividend income is not on what I focus on anymore.

I came across this nice article in which is being ranked the best Canadian stocks. Some of my stocks are making the list! Yeah! Here they are, my marvelous, I love you:

Rank 74: First Majestic Silver Corp. (TSE:FR) 38.7%
Rank 119: Canfor Pulp Products Inc (TSE:CFX) 28.6%
Rank 152: Exchange Income Corporation (TSE:EIF) 22.7%
Rank 173: TMX Group, Inc. (TSE:X) 19.5%
Rank 187: Pembina Pipeline Corp (TSE:PPL) 18.4%
Rank 192: K Bro Linen Inc (TSE:KBL) 18.0%
Rank 213: Enercare Inc. (TSE:ECI) 15.3%
Rank 231: Premium Brands Holdings Corp (TSE:PBH) 13.8%
Rank 248: Timminco Limited (TSE:TIM) 12.1%
Rank 323: Capital Power Income LP (TSE:CPA.UN) 8.1%
Rank 369: Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc (TSE:ENF) 6.1%
Rank 385: Student Transportation Inc. (TSE:STB) 5.3%
Rank 404: Atlantic Power Corporation (TSE:ATP) 4.3%
Rank 446: Westshore Terminals Investment Corp (TSE:WTE.UN) 2.7%
Rank 468: Emera Inc. (TSE:EMA) 1.6%
Rank 469: Methanex Corporation (TSE:MX) 1.6%
Rank 471: Sprott Inc. (TSE:SII) 1.4%
Rank 477: EnCana Corporation (TSE:ECA) 0.8%
Rank 480: Rogers Sugar Income Fund (TSE:RSI) 0.6%
Rank 485: Corby Distilleries Ltd. (TSE:CDL.B) 0.4%
(I own the CDL.A but I am adding Corby in here anyway)
Rank 560: Davis + Henderson Income Fund (TSE:DH) -1.8%
Rank 592: Pengrowth Energy Corp (TSE:PGF.UN) -3.1%
Rank 602: Just Energy Income Fund (TSE:JE) -3.5%
Rank 625: Fortis Incorporated (TSE:FTS) -4.4%
Rank 866: Colabor Group Inc (TSE:GCL) -21.1%
Rank 880: The Data Group Income fund (TSE:DGI.UN) -22.9%
Rank 922: New Flyer Industries Inc. (TSE:NFI.UN) -28.1%
Rank 1036: Hanwei Energy Services Corp. (TSE:HE) -44.9%

Luckily, most of my stocks are performing well. I was quite surprised to see Fortis (FTS) at -4.4%. In my case, this bad result for the first part of 2011 does not affect me because I had made my investment in Fortis a long time ago, when the stocks were at 27$. From my point of view, PGF had performed well so far for 2011. As for JE, the title is always a bit volatile, but it delivers well. It’s not because a stock is not among the top performers of the first half of 2011 that it’s not a good stock to hold. The market can be quite rough and companies being companies, sometimes, it only takes one small event to destroy all good return.

Take for example the case of Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN). DGI.UN was relatively stable until technical stock analyst Jeff Parent of the Quadrexx Asset Management badly ranked DGI.UN. Anyhow, you know, sometimes, stuff happen and personally, I prefer to have a portfolio ultra diversify in many companies and in different sectors rather than holding just 6 to 8 companies inside one portfolio. But that’s being, of course, my own preference.

Overall, my non-registered portfolio is doing well. I closed last Friday session at more than 113k, leaving more than 22k in margin cash. I will be leaving for my vacations this next weekend. I probably won’t trade again until the end of the summer, so I taught of transferring 2 000$ from my margin account at 4.25% to my 10 000$ RBC credit line at 7.52%. By doing so, I would be saving 5.45$ per month in interest money. Not a huge amount of course, but it get quite interesting knowing that this week, I will probably be good to make another 1 000$ deposit coming from my own funds. This bring the saving to 11.72$ per month. It’s kind of funny to be talking about saving right now because I had been spending a lot these days and I plan to spend even more for various reasons, you know, vacations and shopping.

Hope you are enjoying your summer because I am enjoying mine. :0)


Francis said...

Hello Dividend Girl! I miss you! That's why I started to read on behavioral finance, or the psychology and researches applied in financial decisions.

According to many studies, an optimal diversification would be 20 holdings, beyond that, not only you do not gain more benefits from the diversification, but you severly erode the performance of your portfolio. 20 stocks reduce the volatily by 20%, 21 to 1000 get 19%...

Have a good vacation!

Sunny said...

Hi Francis,

20 companies seem something like reasonable. Anxious investors a bit like myself won't hesitate to exceed that amount despite falling into a black hole. But after the hole, there's supposed to be light, right :0)

Unknown said...

nice post Canadian Stocks

Anonymous said...


Enjoyed reading your website. Only thing I would recommend to you (being in investment banking) in Calgary, where EnCana is based....EnCana is not a great hold.

Thats it, other than that, great work, great site.


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