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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Directly from New Brunswick

My vacations so far had been very great, but I had been shocked to learn the dead of Amy Winehouse. It something that really touch me. A Quebec journalist once wrote a couple of weeks ago that Winehouse career was over following the slop of her latest comeback. Well, it wasn’t her career that was over, but Amy life was over. But there was such that great powerful voice coming out of her. And that enigmatic, so charming, delicate personality.

Amy Winehouse was a shining star, but her drug and alcohol addiction ruined it all and it’s something very unfortunate. It must be very hard for her family. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease and it’s something extremely difficult to fight. I never been an addict myself, but I have a deep sense of what it might be and truly, the dead of Amy is a big lost. No one should blame her immediate family for her dead. Addiction is one of the worst diseases ever. Drugs and alcohol addiction is a modern disease that destroyed too many lives. Personally, it’s one of the reasons why I am totally against the legalization of marijuana or any other type of drugs. We should not make drugs accessible. Not at all. A society has the responsibility to protect individuals, not to destroy them. But that’s something Amir Khadir cannot understand.

Another very sad event was the shooting in Norway. Too many dies and for what purposes? The killer was an extremist. Better be aware and protect ourselves from extremist individuals. In Canada, we have Amir Khadir. I am not saying that Amir Khadir is about to get guns and open fired BUT, just like the Norway killer, Amir Khadir is an extremist who needed to be control before it’s too late and before Amir Khadir started destroying the Canadian country.

It would be too complicate for Amir Khadir to defend the rights of the middle class and the poorer. He doesn’t want to defend the direct interests of the district of Mercier. Instead, Amir Khadir defends the interests of people we don’t know anything about: the Palestine. Amir Khadir is a lazy man who doesn’t care about the interests of Canadians. Amir Khadir had been living in Canada since his young age; I don’t think he specially knows what’s really going on in Palestine. Taking defense of a country instead of another one is not his job. That’s NATO job. It’s not the job of a racist immigrate who said about the Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge that they are parasites. Canada owns a lot to England. We have the country that we have today because our strong British heritage. I don’t think any Canadians would have live to be under France. There’s a lot of French of France that immigrate in Canada, stealing jobs belonging to French Canadians because, well, want to do? France is a lot like Quebec province: both extremely weak, no common sense, extremely stupid and arrogant. Never put your trust in French of France, never put your trust in Quebeckers. That way, you’ll save yourself a lot of miserable time.

Latest example would be in the evil Dominique Strauss-Kah. French arrogant politician who has sexually abuse a New York hotel employee. Ok, you’ll say, he has not been find guilty. I know those French idiots by heart. No need to get a jury, no need to get a judge. I am the judge, I am the jury and I am telling you right now: Dominique Strauss-Kah is guilty. I applause the courage of Nafissatou Diallo for her coming out. Dominique Strauss-Kah is a big pig and he’s going to pay. It wasn’t the first time he was committing sexual crimes. In France, he got cover. But in the USA, no one is going to help him this time and he’s going to pay, this time! 

In France, Carla Bruni got pregnant from Nicholas Sarkozy just to make diversion on her husband very very bad leadership. French AND Quebec people are PIGS. Get that in your head, move straight forward and no one will be able to stop you from being successful. As Prime Minister, Stephen Harper doesn’t do enough to protect Canadians from the menace.

And see what France had done with Africa, Haiti: terror and destruction. French Canadians living outside Quebec need to be aware of those distinctions between France and England, Quebec and Canada. We need to protect our society so things like in Norway don’t happen here in Canada. Stephen Harper voice is not strong enough and I don’t think Stephen Harper is a warrior. I don’t think Stephen Harper care in deep about Canada. I don’t think Stephen Harper can protect this country. We need to take care by ourselves, be aware and become extremely sensible to our social environment. In that sense, Quebec separation from Canada would be at the advantage of Canada.

And by the way, what’s Amir Khadir contribution to Quebec society? Try to figure it out! Personally, I don’t care because I am a New Brunswicker, but there are questions that Quebeckers need to ask themselves. And fact is, Quebeckers are not courageous enough to go through in deep of their social disease. Instead of fighting for things that don’t have any interest for Canadians, Amir Khadir needs to study the reality he live in. Like immigrate who had been doctors in their country, try to practice in Quebec province. The Collège des médecins make things impossible for them. I personally know a Haitian who was a pediatrician in her country. She left Haiti with her children following the terrible earthquake. Well, you know what? That doctor was working with me, at the same position as mine in a Montreal call center. Is that supposed to be fair? She did all she could to practice in Quebec, but the Collège des médecins made things impossible for her.

After a couple of months of working in a call center, that brave lady left Quebec province to go back in her country. When she told me good-bye, that she was moving back to Haiti, I cried because I was totally in pained. I told her that Quebec government was a shame, that I was in pain to see her leaving, that I would have like to do something for her but I didn’t know what to do. I told her that it was better to leave to practice as a pediatrician rather than living in a province that does not respect her rights. I explained her – even before – that I was from New Brunswick, that there are French communities out there and that maybe things could be easier for her in New Brunswick. I never knew if she had done some search for practicing in New Brunswick, but when she left, I told myself that I wasn’t going to stay in Quebec province for long.

Amir Khadir is not strong enough to handle real Quebec life situations. He’s a doctor himself, he could do something to make things easier for foreign doctors who want to relocate in Quebec province – but hey, Amir Khadir is way too lazy for that. Instead, the jerk prefers to insult our monarchy and prefer to appear in the spotlight. No real work is being done by Amir Khadir. It’s about time for Quebeckers to wake up. Don’t you think so?

The role of a politician is to defend the interests of its people, not to play NATO role, and not to offend Canadians and our monarchy. That’s all I have to say for now. Enough of the bullshit.

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