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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The new Solidarity Tax Credit of Quebec province to start on July 5, 2011

This means that on July 5, I will be receiving 2 tax credits: the federal one and the Solidarity Tax Credit.

According to Revenu Quebec, more than 2.5 million tax payers qualified to receive the new Solidarity Tax Credit. Despite the fact that my 2010 annual income has exceed the 40k$, I still qualified to received the Solidarity Tax Credit. 40k$ is not that much of course, but it’s an interesting amount of money for the single one that I am. I will be receiving less than 40$ for a couple of months and following what, I will be receiving a bit more than 50$ per month from the Solidarity Tax Credit.

Nice. But what is that new Solidarity Tax Credit is all about? Well, Quebec province came with the Solidarity Tax Credit after deciding to cut the QST credit, the property tax refund the credit for individuals living in northern villages. Starting July 5, the Solidarity Tax Credit is set up to be paid on a monthly basis.

Knowing that taxes have increase in Quebec – for example, just for the Quebec health system, Quebec has add a supplement of 25$ in annual taxes – the Solidarity Tax Credit is simply a way find by Quebec government to give candies to citizens, so satisfy the anger of high Quebec taxes. Because taxes are being increase in different sectors, the Solidarity Tax Credit is of no benefit at all to individuals with low income.

I had been living in Quebec province for a couple of years and each new year make me hate Quebec a bit more each year. While living in Quebec, I never went see a family doctor, I never got hospital, I never went to the emergency room, I never visited a CLSC for a medical visit. NEVER. This mean that I am currently paying taxes on health services that I do not benefit myself as a citizen. The reason why I deprive myself of any medical visit while being in Quebec is that in this province, the medical cares are of an extremely poor quality. While suffering from the flue or small decease, better to stay home because here in Quebec, waiting delays at the emergency room are enormous. In New Brunswick at least you can see a doctor within a few hours. Also, Quebec doctors are not very good. Many medical mistakes are being made and truly, I love myself too much to trust any Quebec doctors. The whole Quebec system do not worth shit and the Solidarity Tax Credit is another piece of Quebec shit.

Anyhow, if you are a Quebec resident and have files your 2010 taxes in Quebec, the only thing needed to receive the Solidarity Tax Credit is to register for Direct Deposit online service. Because Revenu Quebec is willing to create a buzz around the Solidarity Tax Credit, they had created a tool that allows citizens to determine the amount they will be receiving from the credit for the next couple of months.

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