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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am now at 160 758.53$

Thanks to the federal tax credit and the Solidarity Tax Credit of Quebec province that I received on July 5, I am  now richer of 97$. And that’s not all. I got the good idea to update my investment portfolio tonight and oh surprise, I am now at 160 758.53$, and that being despite the fact that Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) had drop of 7.02% today. Thanks to a complete idiot of the name of Jeff Parent who had bad ranked Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN), DGI.UN had drop of more than 7%. Jeff Parent is a so call technical stock analyst who worked for Quadrexx Asset Management. Unfortunately, DGI.UN is not among Jeff Parent stock picks.

Yes, it’s true Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) had always been difficult to hold. I once wrote about DGI.UN as being one of my troublemaker stocks for the reason that my initial investment never been able to gain value. Otherwise, the dividend had been paid without interruption on a monthly basis, which I enjoyed. Never in the past DGI.UN had drastically drop like this. Never. My investment in DGI.UN had remained relatively stable, but never gains in value. Personally, I don’t really take in consideration the review or grade of analysts of the type of Jeff Parent. They are just some little morons trying to make money out of the stock market on a way or the other. And their review takes part in the machine. To make investment decision, to decide to sell or buy, just by following the advice of stock analysts is WRONG. Why? Because those guys make a living by reviewing stocks. That’s why. So anyone trying to push the purchase or the selling of a stock should not be giving too much of attention.

Actually, no one deserves your attention. If not me. Now, you are aware at least. 


And please, enjoy this video, it’s another one of my famous YouTube videos! In this one, you’ll watch spectacular fireworks that took place following the concert of the B52s. And yes, I also have videos of the B52s on the way! Enjoy, my very smart readers...Stick and hold to your believe and f Jeff Parent!

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