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Friday, July 29, 2011

The US Republican Tea Party is destroying the economy worldwide

The non-registered part of my portfolio closed yesterday session at 109 730$, leaving me at 20 890.44$ on my margin account. Not too bad, knowing what’s on right now in the States. I find the Tea Party members really immature. John McCain is not showing great leadership and it’s a real good thing that the idiot did not win the last US elections. However, I heard a good speech of him at the news, saying that the Tea Party members who are also in the Congress were young in their jobs and that they needed to follow advice of older Republican Congress members. This is good for John McCain. 

A question still remain: how long will it take to go through a complete agreement? We need to remember the Tea Party members as a bunch of little idiots. The US destroys the economy in 2008 and they are doing it again today. Nothing to be very proud of. As you can imagine, I am following all this the best I can but in front of a big market correction, I won’t be able to do that much. As said previously, my best advice will be to HOLD, especially if you don’t need the money for another 5 to 10 years, which is my case.

I hope the Republicans are happy of themselves because right now, the TSX is under the 13 000 points. In results, my non-registered portfolio is now at 109 290.39$. It’s not that bad, but the day is not over yet and there could be deeper loss but usually, everything get pretty much set in the morning. I am down to 109k right now, but what about next Monday and the days after? Once an agreement is being take in the US, the TSX may jump back to the old 13 000 points but still, it remain far from the 15 000 points of 2008.

Seem to be better now, my portfolio reached 109 463.32$. That was 20 minutes ago. I may go through this day without a margin call. And after, its going to be the weekend and Monday latest, I am hitting back, unfortunately, to Montreal. Got to work still. Its not going to be a Stop Working for me anytime soon. I spend hundreds of dollars and I am very happy about it.

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