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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William & Kate face protests in Montreal, July 2, 2011 - I know, Quebec suck!

Ok, I end my work shift at 5pm and following what, I run to the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec. Fortunate enough, my weekend job is located not too far away from the Institut on St-Denis. When I arrived, around 5:30pm, there was already a crowd, but a crowd of protesters. The crowd was on St-Denis, facing the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec. I saw a flag which was unknown to me, I later learn it was the “Patriote” flag, red, green with a man in the middle. A very strange flag. I didn’t know what I meant, but the flag scare me and I didn’t want to stay on the front with the crazy protesters. Because yeah, they were crazy. See here the pictures of protectors. Those were taking on St-Denis, right in front the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec, just before William & Kate arrived. I look for Amir Khadir, the poor guy who said of the royalty that they were parasite, but Amir Khadir was not there. And trust me, I look for him. So when I say that Amir Khadir was not there it's because he was simply not there. I wanted to talk to him and let him know the shame he was giving to Canadians like me. That will happen for another time because, as said, Amir Khadir, the Canadian parasite was simply not there.

I didn’t want to stay in front with the ugly Patriote flag so I went all the way down to St-Denis, turn to my left, and left again... There it was much better. People waiting there were pacific and were happy to wait for the arrival of William & Kate. I had the chance to stand behind some real British people with the accent and everything. They had a flag bought directly from England. Take a look. So awesome!

 And the crowd was much better in the back that on the front. Take a look:

Me too, I got tired of waiting at a point... but it was fun!

 And here they are! William and Kate:


I know, we don’t see William & Kate in none of those pictures. I am very sorry, but I did the best I could! When William & Kate arrived, it went very quick. They arrived. They went in immediately without any interference with the crowd. And here in Montreal, there were no other possibilities because of the protesters. In all other places worldwide, except Montreal, William & Kate will make public appearances, interfere with crowd. This is quite very sad that it did not happen in Montreal and this show the poverty of Quebec, of their system and of their poorly educated population.

As Canadian, I believe that we have the richness we have now because we are part of the Commonwealth. Back in history, England had done more to Canada than you can ever imagine and right now, we are living the result of history. I am saying this even while being Acadian, French descendant. My family name is typically Acadian and belongs to one of the first families who established themselves in New Brunswick. I don’t know more than that unfortunately as I never pursue genealogy studies – I am keeping that for a hobby when I will be a senior – but fact is, I had been born and raised in New Brunswick, and that family name you know. So that makes me Acadian from my father side, probably.We cannot change history. Deportation happens in 1755, it was a bad thing, of course. 

But today as an Acadian, I can truly appreciate the England heritage to Canada. If Canada would have remained with France, we wouldn’t be where we are right as a country. You need to know what France as did to Africa to understand this. Some will denies, but France heritage to countries worldwide is nothing but shit. And when I used the term “Quebec shit” sometimes, where, you can now understand where the shit is coming from. I won’t elaborate more on this, but France participated in the Rwanda genocide, among other things. Canada has done it bad thing too, like with native people. I won’t deny it. As a Canadian, I know Canada is not perfect. History had been made for us to appreciate the glorious events, but we should never forget the mistakes made. And today protesters riot against the Monarchy, against William & Kate, against England well, that my dears was a mistake made by some stupid Quebeckers who are not intelligent enough to measure properly the importance of England to Canada. I understand it today despite being Acadian having deep Acadian roots. And it make me the person I am today, who’s able to think and make good financial decision for me myself and I AND to the benefit of my readers, like YOU. Lucky damn readers! I envy you :9)

Stay tune because I am not done yet, more stuff about the William & Kate Royal Tour in Montreal!

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Ruth said...

am with you Sunny, i am so sick and tired of the bashing of England...would these people rather Canada been discovered by other countries with terrible governments...our isn't the best but it is better than most countries of the anyone that comes here ,,,,live and enjoy our heritage...stop trying to change what works.


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