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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

What’s happening now is quite unbelievable. I had been trying to relocate in New Brunswick since a little while now. Actually, the death of my uncle in last February is what started it all. And now, I am on my way to move permanently to New Brunswick, back home. Everything happens at the same time: my cousin in Montreal trying to get a job and me trying to get out of Montreal. I knew it was my chance, I took it. The past couple days, I felt drain, over-sleeping, over-working. I was in need of a major change. It was this job or something else was about to happen. I taught about going back to school (how about English courses?? lol) among other. I was willing to do absolutely anything to get that something else.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but it seem like my cousin is not able to get a job here in Montreal. I got my interview last week, and I learned today... I am hired. And I feel really good about it. Like all my stress is gone. I feel bad for my cousin. I gave his resume to a guy I work with who know someone who could hire him in a call center... I just don’t get it why it’s so complicated. He just won’t to get a job to be able to pay his rent and his food while he’s in Montreal. It’s not like he’s looking to get the five star jobs. But in a way, maybe it’s a sign he need to enrol to whatever program and do something more. I really don’t know. I refer him to the place I work. I could possibly refer him to my weekend job. I mean, at this point, I even spot jobs for him. But now I barely have any time left.

My mom is funny. She wants me to put all of my stuff on the bus... I mean, I don’t have any furniture. But I have box and box of different things. I already made a lot of cleaning, but at this time, I just want to get someone to move my stuff and I hope that part goes smoothly. I already spend a couple of hours today over the phone, doing address changes. I am not even done with that, but almost. Next thing will be to take a deeper look into my stuff to see what’s valuable to keep. If I have too much stuff, I will have to seek for a mover. The perspective of throwing away things is not something I am very pleased with anyway.

Hopefully, my mom is going to come for a very quick weekend. If it works out, we are going to visit my brother in Ottawa. But please anyone, don’t tell him, it’s a surprise! :0)

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Anonymous said...

Good riddance ou, comme on dit ici : Bon débarras!


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