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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another delicious stock of mine is increasing its dividend: Agrium Inc. (AGU)

There you go baby. The Dividend Girl owns you and it’s not for nothing.

One of the numerous stocks that I hold Agrium Inc. (AGU) is doubling its semi-annual dividend to $0.50. Of at first, it doesn’t seem like exciting news, but before, it was even worst. Agrium Inc. (AGU) was like 0.26 or 0.27 cents... I mean come on. In result of this increase, AGU gain in valuable value. And of course, it reflected in my portfolio.

Next week, I am getting another paycheck, so I am looking forward to increase my portfolio in term of blue chips. Adding new stuff in is always terribly hard. I am not that picky, but when I invest, it needs to be in something that catch my interest. If not, simply forget about it.

It’s been long times since I haven’t update my portfolio. I am blogging and doing my freelance stuff before-after work and it’s quite difficult. It’s even more difficult that I don’t have an Internet access at my place, but that’s wanted. I find it difficult however to work this way.

I would like to rake to the 8k in dividend income and I could make it really soon. I am just missing a $700 to make it.

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