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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am not a hole

For a little while, I got scared that my portfolio was about to crash. But of course, nothing of that happen yet because you should know it by now, my portfolio is like a rocket or something of that kind ok. My non-registered closed the session at $124 415.40, which is good. I was scared I need to take money from my RBC credit line to cover my margin. Still need to be careful because nothing is sure. Its going up-down-up-down and I barely have time to follow with that new job. It really sucking all of my energy and I just hate that because its only temporary. During the presentations, a big emphasis was made on fact that I was there to cover for the vacations to all of the f people I was introduced to. I am not a f hole, but I am fortunate enough to invest in the market. My market value is of $ 126 528.90. Not too bad for the only-replacement-girl-for-the-summer hein?

What I want is a part-time job or get more freelance stuff to earn some more fresh cash. I want to spin it to the 130k value. I am impatience and patient at the same time.

I got an email from an insurance guy who wants me to post an article of him on my blog for free.

You should all know better now, I am not a hole.. Got to get that in your mind.


Anonymous said...

what's your margin available right now? you should not be worried until it comes close to 5K...

Sunny said...

I had set my safe minimum at a 15k. I don't like to see it going under and when it does, I worry. currently, I am at $12 381.53. I could be at 15k if TD would had gave a margin loan value to the fund of JFT.

Anonymous said...

you really call that a crash? wake up and smell the roses, this is not even close to a crash. you should stop worrying and checking your portfolio daily. there's no point. to me the investments you have chosen give you nightmares and you can't sleep at night... you don't have to move money around from line of credit just to cover your account until necessary... you are really playing with fire here, you are way leveraged out... everything like in life has to do in moderation, 2 to 1 asset/debt ratio is way to high, this should be 4 to 1, that's what got the banking industry killed too when they leverage way too much...


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