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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What an awesome portfolio babe

I haven’t updated my portfolio value since March, so it was about time that I get into it. The exercise is always very long. I could used some tools like Google Finance or something like it, but I actually like the process of calculating one investment at a time, number of stocks or units X value, one after the other... And the process is quite long. Just doing my non registered portfolio alone is a job but it’s giving me a real sense of what I own. I cannot skip anything while facing the monster. I have to deal with the thing under the damn job is done and completed. 

Back in March 2012, my overall portfolio value was of $172 835.09. Now in June, my portfolio is at $167 799.45. I am of 5k, but it’s not that bad knowing the current state of the stock market. We’ll need some very good news coming from Europe before the situation stabilizes. The Euro situation is putting too much stress on the market and investors. I find it really unfair.

This week was quite rough on the TSX. At a point, the TSX closed at minus 300 points on a day... I got very scared. Each time the TSX is dropping like that, it’s giving me a punch in my stomach. 2008 was worst; we had August of last summer if I remember and many other occasions in where the TSX loss points for a reason or another. But each and single, it’s a nightmare. And it’s always a question of: will the TSX gain points ever gain? 

Each and single time, there’s doubt, but our TSX is so strong, it’s always rebound. Each and single time, it always go better after. For those reasons, I don’t have problem to go to sleep at night, usually. But I am always getting that hit in the stomach every single time. I guess experience give answers on how to handle these stock market traumas, but each time, there’s that part of doubt that remain. And what if I have to deal with losses forever?

While investing in stock, insecurity is our best friend. Being too sure, too confident will just play against retail investors. Insecurity is what will make you diversify your portfolio, it’s what will make you invest in gold and silver, and it’s what will make you have a good cash reserve.

While investing in stock, insecurity is a positive source of stress.

Anyway, you might know by now, I am very good at giving very good advices, but I don’t follow them myself all the time, but I am very conscious of what I should do or not. At this point for me, it’s a do or fail. If the Maple Group deal goes through, I will get a maximum of cash because you know, while being so bright, I am able to see that the Maple Group is all garbage and I don’t want any Quebec institutions to be actively involved in the management of my beloved TSX. Just watching Quebeckers leading their own province make me sick to dead. Investing in stocks had been so far the best experience of my life and I want it to continue this way. Got it?

I am so terribly close of being able to live exclusively on my dividend (even while having close to what, 100k in debt lol). I feel just kicking my own ass and I feel like screaming at that f girl. Holly s, you are so closed! I should be working at 3 jobs right now to make it and stop being lazy. Because now is a good time to buy everything you ever dream of.

Personally, a problem I have is that I don’t know in what to invest anymore. I had acquired everything I ever wanted. My temporary job is quite of a job and leaves me little energy to do anything else. Another problem being the fact that I am in Montreal. There’s way too much distraction here and Montreal is like a gorgeous young man in the summer sun with a hot tan and gorgeous body. So you don’t feel like overworking and doing much while living in paradise. Do you see what I mean?

I just bought earlier some suntan lotion that smell coconut so my super white skin won’t burn under the sun. And it smells just so go. I have the wind blowing up my hair. The weather is just so perfect. How am I supposed to go find a weekend job in those conditions? There’s no way, I am not going to win on that one.

I will take time to rebuild my portfolio once the Maple Group deal will be closed. I hope to rebuild and push the whole dividend income to 8k by the end of September, when my contract will end. Following what, it will be dividend income + online income + freelance income.

Once silver go stronger in term of value, my portfolio could get very closed to the 200k. 200k is really not much, but it’s enough to bring home a salary to partly cover my living expenses.

All of the debt that I own, expect what is on the American Express card and the RRSP loan, the interest is being declared to get a generous tax credit. Quebec like to s@ck its very own citizen with taxes, so it might not do that a difference here but in New Brunswick oh lala. I saw the difference. Last April, I didn’t have RRP investment, I had a salary of closed to 45k and I got a tax return of $200. While living in Quebec, I had to pay extra income taxes, even while investing in RRSP. So there’s a huge difference. Quebec health care and educational system is all a big scam. I don’t expect to be f up by Quebeckers for really long. Just for now, under the sexy Montreal sun.

So now, how do you feel? Can you smell coconut oil? I do smell it and it’s the best perfume ever. Its delightful.

Happy investing. Now is the time to completely appropriate yourselves of the TSX and bringing on strong value in the market. For Canadians by Canadians.


Anonymous said...

Hi sunny,
what are your plans after you hit your magic dividend number? Are you going to retire and move to a country where the costs of living is cheap? Or are you going to stay put in the hell hole thats montreal?


Sunny said...


I have to admit that no matter how big is my bitching sometimes about Quebec, I had built the vast majority of my portfolio right here in Montreal. I never had a problem to earn money here, never had troubled to pay for my living expenses. I never been attacked or what so ever else. I had reached my 100k in Montreal...

And I would be lying if I wouldn't say that I am being treated very well at my current job, even its a 4 months contract only that kind of pissing me off while thinking of the amount of work I have to handle, just for a contract.

Living in Quebec province had brought in a lot of frustrations. Like the taxes, their f corrupted Liberal government etc. Am I part of that bullshit? As a New Brunswicker, I am a spectator. I am not an active actor of the Quebec society. I belong to someplace else, more strong and more respectful of individuals.

While reaching the amount of dividend needed for a living I might just work as a freelancer and be on short-term contracts.

Just like I am right now actually :0)

Another plan would be to live in Florida in a trailer park 6 months a year and try to get my hands on a millionaire.. I can always try that right?

I learn a lot of things by watching the Desperate Housewives of Vancouver. Marrying a millionaire is always the best way to ensure a $$$ future.

I could go in a foreign country a few months each year but I never taught of where to go exactly and I never taught of leaving Canada.

Anonymous said...

And I thought you hated Quebec.
Can't believe a word you say.


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