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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Now I know what fast speed environment mean

My daytime job is more difficult that I could even imagine. So far in my working life, I always have been able to occupy multiple jobs at the same time without feeling tired or exhausted. But this time is completely different. 

That job is making it very hard to manage my freelance work. I barely have the energy to properly follow my stocks. I won’t cry if I don’t get any renewal after the 4 months period. Give me a break! Each day is like I am a punching bag and I am getting hit-hit-hit, stress-stress-stress. It’s not the type of job you can really enjoy as the management is just giving so many things to do to their employees, not to forget their little f training sessions that no one really have the time to take, but it’s on schedule anyway… One employee handled the work of 2, I will say. I don’t know why in the world they decided to pick a New Brunswicker to live that inferno in Montreal. Anyhow, I am enjoying the big pay, but that’s about all of what I am enjoying right now. If not seeing the beautiful Montreal in the sunshine. That my dears really worth it.

You know the expression “fast speed environment”? Well, that’s the kind of thing I am experiencing right now. It’s just too speedy. The management is pretty much laid back and giving all the hard work away. It’s almost ridiculous. And it makes me taught, I can do better than that. And it makes me taught about expanding my freelance services and about stealing their customers. I already gave my cell phone to someone because I didn’t know what to do. And following what I taught how smart I am, to give MY cell when the company won’t even give away their cell phone. I mean, this girl is a genius right?


I kind of know what you are thinking right now sexy.


Since my laid off in March, I had been lucky. I have thousands and thousands of $$$ save away, my portfolio is rocky but doing quite well, I am in Montreal diva queen soul seriously falling for Herby Moreau (see previous posts…). I mean, seriously, could things be even better? Well it could.
I am currently working on preparing my way of the after-4-months-contract. Which mean I am working, or should I say I am desperately trying to work on my different freelance projects. I have many ideas for future HubPages articles too. I am currently at 7 300$ in annual dividend income. My dividends are not all paid monthly, but just for the exercise, we’ll say that I am earning $608 in dividend income. I can very easily extend that amount to 8k annually, for $666 a month. I plan to reach that amount by the end of the summer, so I will just keep the $6-6-6 number for now. While living in Montreal, I set my minimum monthly needs to $1 400. And really, the minimum could be set at $ 1 300, but I gave myself a $100 for a few coffees and you know, I am a girl, I sometime need a haircut and coloration.

$1 400 - $666 = $734

Generally speaking those days, I earn an average of $150 from my online activities (HubPages + blogging).

$734 - $150 = $584

I just need to get my hands on less than $600 from my freelance activities to be able to survive following my 4 months contract that will end in September. I find the number interesting. Right now, I try to generate a $600 monthly from my freelance activities. It’s a low amount, but it’s really not that easy because I am currently working full-time and remember, it’s kind of s@cking all the best of me. However, I am currently doing my best to generate that $584 per month in freelance because I don’t want to wait until September to be more establish. That’s what I am into right now and it’s really not easy.

I am right now on something that gives me a small amount of money for each writing task completed. I won’t get rich, but I could easily get a $600 a month from it. So it’s really not that bad overall. My living expenses are quite low and I am just happy to have the opportunity to manage my after contract situation. I could even add a part-time job to my freelance to make things easier. I am pretty much laid back, if you see what I mean. Easy and sassy.

The lovely Susan Brunner came with a very interesting post about blue chips, yes, paying low dividend ok, but overtime, the low dividend turn into a mine of gold. It’s a must read to understand the power of blue chips investing. Derek Foster focuses on the dividend payment in the actual time. But it’s true he said that good companies increase their dividend over time so let’s forget my last sentence. I left all of my Derek Foster books at home and I kind of feel lost without having them near me. Susan Brunner comment is more explicit on the power of blue chips and dividend. It’s being said on a different way.

I am very proud of Derek Foster now that he had the intelligent to sell his big house, get rid of all related taxes payment to it and went traveling in a camper. You can trust me, I will be doing the same thing if I could afford.

Susan Brunner and Derek Foster are among Canada hottest stock personalities. Not to forget Jean-François Tardif and, why not, Eric Sprott. Why not. I am still getting behind on my silver investment, but one day, its going to explode in value. Right Mr. Sprott?

Real richness is about doing what you want, when you want and the way you want it.

I am currently thinking about my next investment, I have a 1k to invest. Who's going to be the very lucky company who'll be enjoying my $$$? I don't know yet, I need to check out the blog of Susan Brunner.


Liquid said...

That extra 600$ a month means you'll have over 7000$ more to invest every year :) One day your name will be among the Fosters and Brunners of the world. Or even better. They will make a popular TV show called the Real Housewives of Montreal, and one of the successful women featured will be la Dividend Girl ;)

Sunny said...

Tooo sweet! What a lovely sugar comment :)

Anonymous said...

Liquid is single... :D

Sunny said...

Well, guess what, I am single too!!


Anonymous said...

Don't let the stress wear you down!

bamboo investment said...

I wonder about looking at European dividend stocks as well? For example, Siemens pays a good dividend, and many of their businesses are in growing sectors. While the Eurozone is a risk, an increasingly large part of Siemens' business is done in emerging markets. Plus, if the Euro breaks up, the D-Mark would rise sharply. Some of the large telcos in Europe also offer substantial dividends of like 8% as well, but there one has does have very high exposure to Euro risks.

Anonymous said...

You ever think about buying AGNC and SLF together?

They both pay hug dividends. If interest rates stay low AGNC will do well and SLF will stay low or sink even further. If interest rates rise AGNC will probably drop and SLF will rise. Either way you should get a nice dividend if you hold both.

Any thoughts?

Sunny said...

Ahhhh sweet comment. I am doing better now. But while beginning, all what need to be done is scary and even kind of being aggressive in a way..

Anyway, don't worry for me :)

TSX is not doing well today.

I am going to respond to the other comments a bit later.

Anonymous said...

Buy black sheep : Nokia as it is cheap now :D

Sunny said...

Euro is crashing, I won't recommend you to invest in European stocks, unless you have a good knowledge of the market over there.

I find the Canadian market enough for me.

The market crash today, but my portfolio closed to the 122k. So its not too bad. Good time to invest in blue chips.

AGNC and SLF: I will have to look at it but right now, my best advice will be to stay away from stocks paying high dividend, focus in blue chips instead. Build something strong for the future.

Isn't that a really great advice actually?

Stay away from high dividend payer.


Is it really coming from me?


The JFS.UN closed today session still at a $9+ value. Just like I expect it to be, Jean-François Tardif is doing a terrific job.

Anonymous said...

JFS.UN is a closed end fund so don't expect any transparency don't expect liquidity hope it goes well for you Cheers!

Sunny said...

I don't care about transparency. What I do care about however is performance. And I think that JFT is on the good track to give me what I want.


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